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The Top 10 Fine Art Drawings On Artsper Right Now
Get inspired 16 Nov 2022

The Top 10 Fine Art Drawings On Artsper Right Now

Appreciated by collectors and artists alike, the fine art drawing is a versatile and accessible format that appeals to collectors and art lovers alike. From precise strokes to flamboyant colors, from ballpoint pen to collage, drawing is a rich art support. Often less expensive than a painting, it is ideal for any art lover wishing to enrich – or begin! – their collection. Many artists are present in the Artsper catalog, so our team of experts offers you its top 10 drawings on Artsper right now, to collect without moderation.

Gipé, J'me suis perdu, j'reconnais pas, 2022, drawings, collage, Artsper
Gipé, J’me suis perdu, j’reconnais pas, 2022, available on Artsper

1. Eternel, the colorful portrait

Jazzu, Eternel, 2022, drawings, portrait, art brut
Jazzu, Éternel, 2020, available on Artsper

With its bright and amazing colors, this piece by Jazzu shows us a more raw and spontaneous aspect of the fine art drawing. Also, this figurative portrait reminds us of Basquiat‘s style, always appreciated by collectors and art lovers.

2. Invisible 12, the hypnotizing drawing

Frédéric Dégranges, Invisible 12, optical illusion, Artsper
Frédéric Dégranges, Invisible 12, 2018, available on Artsper

The fine and geometric lines of this drawing capture the eye and attention, creating an optical illusion. This black and white work by Frédéric Dégranges, timeless and minimalist, has its place in this top 10 drawings on Artsper!

3. Squirrel in the Forest, nature in colors

Minako Asakura, Squirrel in the Forest, 2022, Artsper, drawings
Minako Asakura, Squirrel in the Forest, 2022, available on Artsper

Japanese artist Minako Asakura is a master at drawing animals, which she very often represents in forests with a magical and supernatural aspect. Moreover, the use of bright colors – mainly pink and purple – cleverly contradicts the natural elements of her drawings, here the squirrel and the plants.

4. Curva 11, geometric drawing

J/Y Delaunay-Israël, Curva 11, 1995, crayon, pen, drawings
J/Y Delaunay-Israël, Curva 11, 1995, available on Artsper

The geometric shapes and complementary curves of this drawing provide a certain satisfaction. Thus, original but in all sobriety, this work can easily be integrated into any type of interior, which makes its charm.

5. The Neverending Story Part I, surrealism in charcoal

Amandine Urruty, The Neverending Story Part I, 2019
Amandine Urruty, The Neverending Story Part I, 2019, available on Artsper

This black and white drawing plays with the comparison between modern and traditional references. The sometimes disturbing details draw the viewer into a never-ending story: the kind of work that you discover more and more each time you look at it!

6. Cité sous Marine, the drawing that makes you nostalgic

Audrey Rouvin, Cité sous Marine, 2018
Audrey Rouvin, Cité sous Marine, 2018, available on Artsper

This drawing transports the viewer to the heart of a tale. The ink and gouache give the work a dreamy, soft and warm dimension, despite its cold color palette.

7. Majorelle II, an invitation to travel

Agnès Tiollier, Majorelle II, 2022, drawings, Artsper
Agnès Tiollier, Majorelle II, 2022, available on Artsper

Agnès Tiollier invites you to go on vacation to Marrakech and enjoy the flora of the magnificent Majorelle gardens in this vibrant drawing. Finally, the precision of the line brought by the pencil stroke gives a dynamic rendering to the composition. 

8. Bici, the architectural drawing

Pauline Di Valentin, Bici, 2022, architecture
Pauline Di Valentin, Bici, 2022, available on Artsper

This fine art drawing, as much narrative as architectural, takes the viewer into a dreamlike house. If you linger too long on the details, you might even get lost…

9. Cérémonie/ suffocation (noire), the intimate nude

Philippe Huart, Cérémonie/ suffocation (noire), 2017, nude
Philippe Huart, Cérémonie/ suffocation (noire), 2017, available on Artsper

Nudity is a predominant theme in drawings. Here, this figurative nude in black and white refers to psychological distress, suffering and the abused body. Philippe Huart’s pencil stroke is so precise that this hyper-realistic drawing could almost pass for a photograph.

10. Les bagages émotionnels, the minimalist drawing

Gabrielle Rul, Les bagages émotionnels, 2021, minimalist drawings
Gabrielle Rul, Les bagages émotionnels, 2021, available on Artsper

How not to love this drawing filled with softness? Gabrielle Rul takes you into her poetic world, always with simplicity and a lot of elegance. A bestselling artist on Artsper, each of her works is also an interesting investment.

Drawings, rich and versatile

Although it is often neglected in favor of painting or sculpture, drawing is nevertheless very complex and can be adapted to all tastes. Its ability to take many forms is one of the reasons why this support is so popular with collectors and artists. From abstract forms to realistic portraits, from colors to black and white, whether made with charcoal, pastel or even pen… Your new favorite artwork may be a drawing!