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9 Artists that will make you fall in love with drawing
Get inspired 20 Mar 2016

9 Artists that will make you fall in love with drawing

Gottfried Honegger, Le Carré Transparent
Gottfried Honegger, Le Carré Transparent

Drawing has long been reduced to being the preliminary sketch of artworks and has therefore been considered as a minor genre in museums. However, pencil art is not the only type of drawing which exists. The diversity of drawing and its richness is undeniable, especially in the light of the drawing week in Paris. A number of art fairs dedicated entirely to drawing have popped up in recent years and they’re great for exploring all the new and original ways in which artists are thinking about the medium. Drawing is undoubtedly far from simple lines on a piece of paper!

Artsper goes over 9 different drawing approaches.

1.  Graphic: Gottfried Honegger

The artist creates works between abstraction and geometry according to a meticulous system. Embossed designs and monochrome are particularly emphasized in his visual language.

2.  Poetic: Anaïs Charras

Degas once said that  “drawing is not a form, it is a means to see it”. Anaïs Charras draws organic and complex shapes using graphite pencil, unveiling her highly personal and truly enchanting universe.

3. Classic: Francine Van Hove

drawing Francine Van Hove
Francine Van Hove, Un peu de rouge

The work of Francine Van Hove should be perceived as a submission to reality. She captures a real moment that constitutes a perpetual source of excitement for her reflection, and then the magic of her brush takes over.

4. Surrealist: Otto D’Ambra

drawing Otto D'Ambra
Otto D’Ambra, The Thinker

Otto D’Ambra draws a reality that demands a great deal of patience. His works are playful and he loves intricate details and irony.

5. Erotic: Petites Luxures

drawing Petites Luxures
Petites Luxures, Amuse-bouche

Well known to all on Instagram under the name of Petites Luxures, this artist is a master of the erotic. This anonymous illustrator creates, with just a few lines, small-scale drawings that always manage to be both sensual and comical. An account you should definitely be following!

6. Minimalist: Mario Kolaric

Mario Kolaric, Fragment 74

The series “Fragments 1” by the artist is as minimalist in form as in the choice of colors. Mario Kolaric is carried away by his mood to reveal shapes and designs full of energy.

7. SIMPLIFIED: Virginie Barré

drawing Virginie Barré
Virginie Barré, Les vacances d’avril (la piscine)

Clean lines, black and white with the addition of flat planes of colour, Virginie Barré‘s drawings are original and visually pleasing.

8. Rock’n’Roll: Fabien Verschaere

Fabien Verschaere, fills his works with patterns, details, characters, monsters, objects, and animals. They all intertwine to create incredibly dynamic compositions. A well-controlled disorder, anarchy as we love it!

9. Psychedelic: Mr. Babies

drawing Mr. Babies
Mr. Babies

Holographic planets, completely absurd panoramas and dream-like landscapes? You must be looking at a collage by Mr. Babies!