5 young French artists to keep an eye on

To celebrate Bastille Day, Artsper introduces you to 5 young talented natives. Distinctive approaches, captivating projects, unique pieces… These 5 promising artists deserve attention ! Here is a quick look at their different styles. 

{1. Antoine Mercusot}

Fish and Kraft, 2014
Fish and Kraft, 2014

An independent French photographer, Antoine Mercusot looks for situations that stand somewhere in between plausible and imaginary. His familiarity with volumes due to his background in architecture photography coupled with his vibrant imagination results in photos that blur our senses. As much in his series “Fictions” as “Natures mortes”, Mercusot gets us thinking about the place of man in society.

{2. Arnaud Puig aka ARDPG}

Versus "The Three", 2015
Versus “The Three”, 2015

Passionate about both graffiti and art history, ARDPG constructs, deconstructs and assembles images from everyday life and past centuries to create works that celebrate urban art. In his series “Versus”, the confrontation, graphically innovative, of classical paintings and graffiti starts a conversation on the creative process in art. Through his paintings but also with his in situ work ARDPG allows us to explore urban spaces from another point of view.

{3. Goulwen (Leyto) Mahé}

Armherst, 2016
Armherst, 2016

Playing with the codes of graffiti meanwhile taking inspiration from abstract expressionists like Pollock or De Kooning, Goulwen (Leyto) Mahé managed to develop his very own writing style. Colorful and of various forms, his lettering which doesn’t ressemble any known alphabet invites us into a chaotic yet very lyrical world. True works of calligraphy, Leyto’s paintings and murals provide us with a new take on the art form of graffiti.

{4. Edouard Mazaré}

G R A P H I K - Cloud 02, 2015
G R A P H I K – Cloud 02, 2015

With degrees in both photography and graphic design, Edouard Mazaré explores the graphic quality to urban spaces with great sharpness. For his series “Onirik”, he put into place a system to capture in one take, and without any editing, images where urban lines and volumes cross and overlap. In “Graphik”, he delves rather into the details of the day-to-day. Through very technical work, he is able to convince us of the graphic essence of the city.

{5. Gilbert1}

Assemblage sur carton #07, 2016
Assemblage sur carton #07, 2016

By using random found objets and various techniques (painting, sculpture, photography), Gilbert1 creates artworks full of depth and movement. A believer in Graffuturism, he transforms the spaces he works in with abstract and contemporary shapes. He takes part in a lot of collaborations and thus rehabilitates abandoned places, otherwise doomed to destruction. His works on cardboard reflect the mission that drives him : putting life back into spaces prey to total decadence !