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Collector's guide: 7 misconceptions about contemporary art
A closer look 20 Mar 2015

Collector's guide: 7 misconceptions about contemporary art

Contemporary art is often targeted by sceptics and certain remarks we hear far to often for our liking. Artsper has selected 7 stereotype quotes of contemporary art. 

“Contemporary art is for snobs”

 Then go visit some art galleries and museums, they will have at least one visitor that isn’t snob!

“It’s a rich people’s thing”

Yes, if you want an enormous Jeff Koons in the middle of your living room, you better be called Bill Gates and the appropriate house for such art. However contemporary art doesn’t necessarily mean “Koons, Pasqua or Warhol”. Contemporary Art is also a scene of emerging and talented artists that offer accessible art. You can even purchase Murakami’s work in edition at a very affordable price. Go check it out on Artsper!

“Am i supposed to think this beautiful?”

 No you don’t have to think it’s beautiful. The artist in his approach of creation goes through a reflection, a concept that goes a little deeper than just beauty. At the end of the day, he isn’t looking for your approval on the “beauty” of his work. You are not a pageant jury. Try to go beyond plastic “beauty” or, then, just wait for Miss World 2016.

“Anyways, today only sex and scandal sells”

Is that such a bad thing? Since Manet and his “Déjeuner sur l’Herbe” or Courbet and his “Origine du Monde”, it’s a fact, scandal has always existed in art. And no one has died yet ! It’s not today that things are going to change. You should distinguish pure grimy provocation from real meaningful provocation.

 “What is it for ?”

It’s for laughing, crying, thinking, falling in love, buying it, getting into an argument about it or it’s just simply useless. But above all what is the purpose of such question?

“it’s all about money”

So what? Artists have to eat! Times have changed, the bohemian artist cliché is out of date. Today more and more artists have to become businessmen in a world where there are so many chain links between artist, agents, collectors or gallery owners… Let’s not forget that most of the artists do not live from their art and continue to produce despite all the difficulties that come with this life.

 “I could do that”

Sure, say it as much as you want, we hear you loud and clear, still you haven’t! If you’re that confident, have a go at it. It’s time to see the Picasso inside of you come out!

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About Artsper

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