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10 Facts You Should Know About Banksy
A closer look 12 Jul 2015

10 Facts You Should Know About Banksy

A mural by Banksy

Banksy, a mysterious artist whose identity has still not been revealed, is a peculiar character. Through political and controversial works, with a hint of humor, this artist continues to fascinate us. Artsper reveals ten facts of the man in the shadows.

1. His Background

graffiti by Banksy in the streets of Bristol

While little is known of his identity, we do however know that Banksy was born in Bristol in 1974, and is the son of a photocopy engineer.

2. His Start in Street Art


When he started, he was part of the DryBreadZ Crew, a Bristol based-gang.

3. His Original Style


When he started, his work was mainly done freehand. It’s only in the late 1990s that his use of stencils in his work developed.

4. His Artistic Inspirations

3D member of the group Massive attack

He claims his work is inspired by 3D a member of Massive Attack music band.

5. Following a Legacy


He is often compared to French masters of street art Blek le Rat and Jef Aerosol.

6. His Mysterious Identity

book wall and piece by Banksy
Banksy’s book entitled “Wall and Piece”

His identity has never been revealed and is his biggest mystery. However he has compiled in a book called “Wall and Piece”, his works, but also his thoughts and ideas.

7. Homage to Monet

Nymphéa by Banksy

He paid an odd tribute to Monet’s Water Lilies by adding an old shopping trolley and garbage to the painting.

8. Rejecting Commercialism

Banksy does not sell his work through commercial art galleries.

9. “Banksy of England”

In 2004, he printed a bunch of spoof £10 notes. They featured some differences however to the standard notes. The Queen was replaced by Princess Diana’s face and instead of “Bank of England”, the note read “Banksy of England”.

Banksy of England

10. His Accolades and Achievements…

In 2007, Banksy won the Art’s Greatest Living Briton prize, naturally he didn’t collect the prize in person, wishing to keep his identity secret.

Banksy: The Mystery continues

Despite these incredible projects and worldwide fame, we still know so little about this elusive artist. Curious to investigate his true identity? Artsper’s broken down the top theories on exactly who is Banksy

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