10 American Art Galleries To Know in 2020

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Art galleries play a crucial role in the current contemporary art market. Indeed, they scout out the best talents and are involved in artists’ notoriety. Some of them are even becoming real institutions! The United States, an artistic epicenter among others, is full of world-renowned museums… but do you know the leading names of gallery owners from across the Atlantic? If you are unable to catch a flight to New York or Los Angeles, let Artsper take you on a tour of the most influential American art galleries in 2020.


art galleries
The exhibition  ‘Young Twitchy’ by Harmony Korine at Gagosian in New York, 2019

The name of Larry Gagosian resonates frequently in the contemporary art world. He has featured most of the greatest contemporary artists in his very first gallery in Los Angeles. The gallery has notably organized several exhibits dedicated to Picasso. Now, it has entered the publishing sphere with its catalog: the Gagosian Quarterly. It offers exclusive interviews, paired with an exceptional design. Moreover, there’s a strong chance that you will encounter the name Gagosian beyond the major American cities since the gallery has established itself in many European capitals as well. 


art galleries
The exhibition ‘Behind The Curtain of Dreams’ by Julio Larraz at the Ascaso Gallery in Miami, 2019

Whether they are emerging or well-known, most of the artists featured by Ascaso are South-American, which offers amazing artistic variety. It welcomes a few hand-picked artists, from Miami to Caracas in Venezuela. Its Latin-American identity makes it a unique gallery. It represents a few famous Venezuelan artists, such as Jesús-Rafael Soto or Marisol Escobar, but also some Americans like Jeff Koons and Alexander Calder. Specializing in modern and contemporary art, the Ascaso gallery offers a selection of works and artists who take a look at two cultures. An interesting combination of two types of artistic inspirations, representative of the American continent. Discover Ascaso Gallery through its virtual tours or on Artsper

Chroma Gallery

one of the contemporary art galleries
The series ‘Haute Couture’ by Bruno Bisang at the Chroma Gallery

If you are a photography lover, you will not find a better place than the Chroma Gallery in New York. For many years, it has gathered the most famous photographers in the world. The result? A heterogeneous and high-standard selection, which pays tribute to the 8th art. The artworks of the Chroma Gallery explore a multitude of subjects, from still-life to fashion photography, all the way through abstraction. It also offers expert advice in terms of design and interior decoration, in order to help you choose the artwork you have been looking for. If you can’t make it to New York, you can also find Chroma Gallery on Artsper.

Space 1026

one of the art galleries in philadelphia
The Jim Houser exhibition at Space 1026 in 1998

Space 1026 defines itself as a ‘creative community’ rather than an institution. The moment you go through their door, you will discover that it is definitely unlike any other! Indeed, it is no less than one of the oldest art collectives in Philadelphia, besides being a crucial part of this historical city’s underground culture. Space 1026 is well-known for the breath of fresh air that it brings to American art galleries. With its community of young emerging artists and its legendary parties, Space 1026 is an art gallery you should absolutely know about. 

Fabien Castanier

art galleries
The Fabien Castanier Gallery in the Little Haiti area of Miami

While first implemented in Los Angeles, Fabien Castanier is now one of the most recognized galleries in Miami, Florida. It does not limit itself to a single type of art or a category of artists; although it assembles major names of street artists such as JonOne or Faith XLVII. It is currently displaying its exhibition New Rules, partly accessible digitally, until September 13th, 2020. This grouped exhibition showcases six of its street artists, considered to be Fabien Castanier’s rising stars. Despite their very different styles, they managed to bring their works together to create a fascinating exhibition, from which most pieces are on Artsper

Ro Gallery

A selection of varied works, picked by Ro Gallery

For 35 years, Ro Gallery has managed to create an important place for itself, within the modern and contemporary art market. Founded by passionate art collectors, the Rogal couple, the gallery offers a lot more than paintings. They also exhibit anything that inspires them, whether it be on a canvas or simply a decorative piece. Moreover, they regularly organize auctions and offer a variety of services, which reflects their passion for art. Available on Artsper, the gallery proposes works by great artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle and Peter Max

David Zwirner

The group exhibition ‘Paintings on paper’, presented en 2014

Placed at the top of the ranking for the most influential figures in contemporary art by the magazine Art Review, David Zwirner and his art gallery are definitely some names to remember. For a few years now, the gallery has opened its doors to the international art market. It now has brands in London, Hong Kong, and more recently, in Le Marais in Paris. Similar to its influential colleagues from New York, David Zwirner’s gallery works with iconic personalities of contemporary art, among which the very influential Yayoi Kusama or even the sculptor Richard Serra.

Markowicz Fine Art

The Markowicz Gallery in Dallas, Texas

Between Miami and Dallas, Markowicz collects a vibrant blend of more experimented artists as well as new names who are already making headlines. Available on Artsper, you will find works by Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, but also rising stars such as Arno Elias and the French artist Alain Godon. The latter is actually exclusively represented by Markowicz. Until July 31st, 2020, you can go to the heart of the Miami Design District to admire their inventory as part of their exhibition ‘Discover Our Inventory’.

HG Contemporary

Exhibition of Paolo Pelosini’s ‘Nocturnes’ at HG Contemporary, 2019

This New York gallery, also implemented in Spain, is well-known for exhibiting the greatest names of contemporary art. Its founder, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, is one of the most influential men in the American art world. Moreover, as its name suggests, his career in art was like a vocation. The exhibitions organized by HG Contemporary are systematically acclaimed by the artistic world for their innovation and their impressive visual expression! If you walk by the famous neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan, do not miss HG Contemporary. Or, you can also find it online on Artsper.

KOHN Gallery

KOHN Gallery in Hollywood

You have probably heard of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans? This iconic exhibition was presented at the KOHN Gallery as part of its inauguration, which says a lot about the status of this Hollywood gallery. Founded in 1985 by Michael Kohn, it has had the privilege of welcoming several exhibitions by Andy Warhol in his lifetime. Now, its reputation endures over time and it represents the new generations of California as well as international artists.  

Thus, the North-American art market is constantly expanding. It has a lot to offer for its artistic diversity, not only through its museums but also because of its unique art galleries. Some of them have become references, essential for any art lover to know. Others are already the rising stars of the contemporary art market. And thanks to their digital exhibitions or their presence on Artsper, these 10 art galleries are able to welcome you from the comfort of your own home!

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