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10 Art Venues Worth Visiting in Miami, Florida
Artstyle 27 Aug 2020

10 Art Venues Worth Visiting in Miami, Florida

The arts have been thriving in Miami, Florida! This booming cultural hub is known for its cutting edge art districts, countless museums and galleries, and its international art shows. Miami has famously become a center for cultural opportunity and talented creatives from all over the world gather in the tropical city in an attempt to gain global recognition. Because of this, Miami has been exposed to some of today’s best contemporary artworks and hosts some of the most famous American galleries!


Let’s check out the must-see art venues…

#1 The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

ICA Miami Art Venue
ICA Miami

While thoroughly supporting experimentation within the arts, Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) also commits to the advancement of new scholarship and promoting international exchange. When it comes to emerging, and unrecognized artists, this art venue provides an international platform where increased public acknowledgment and appreciation is possible. ICA is committed to providing a space that presents accessibility, innovation, and artistic excellence.

#2 Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

MOCA Miami Art Venue
MOCA Miami

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is distinguished for making art accessible, acknowledging the multiplicity of perspectives, and encouraging contemporary artistic expression. MOCA is an art venue fully aware of art’s constant state of flux and embraces it! Since change is inevitable, MOCA Miami aims to exhibit, collect, and preserve, while questioning and adapting to the evolving definitions of art.

#3 Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

With a focus on international modern and contemporary art, the Pérez Art Museum frequently exhibits collective diversity. This art venue will undoubtedly leave you satisfied! Their mission is to evoke genuine human interactions, exchanges, and communication through art. The building itself was designed by award-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron. Not only will you become fully absorbed by the remarkable art, but you will also also be greeted by stunning waterfront views and hanging gardens. 

#4 Rubell Museum

Rubell Miami Art Venue
Rubell’s Inaugural Exhibition

With a keen interest in the arts, Don and Mera Rubell became art collectors simply by speaking with artists and trusting their intuition. After stumbling upon a newfound passion for the arts, the Rubell family has acquired a significant contemporary art collection. Since the museum’s opening, the Rubell’s have pioneered a new standard for sharing private collections. This venue has been regarded as a leader in art and design as it has exhibited works by Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, and Yayoi Kusama

#5 The Bass

Bass Miami Art Venue
The Bass, Miami

Miami Beach’s contemporary art museum, The Bass, connects international contemporary art with the museum’s diverse audience. The museum is known for exhibiting established artists who reflect Miami’s spirit and international charms, such as Paola Pivi and Laure Prouvost. By incorporating various cultural disciplines into contemporary art, the Bass looks to expand the notion of art through architecture, design, and fashion. In doing so, their exhibitions evoke exciting, challenging, and educating experiences.


Art Technology
Refik Anadol: Infinite Space Exhibition, 2020

Miami’s otherwordly art venue, ARTECHOUSE, challenges traditional museum standards with its one of a kind, innovative, digital space. By blending art, science, and technology, ARTECHOUSE offers visitors an immersive, multi-sensory experience with interactive artworks. ARTECHOUSE’s virtual environment hopes to familiarize visitors with this new medium with limitless potential: technology.

#7 Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Miami Gallery
Karen Rifas: 20/20 Exhibition, 2020

Emerson Dorsch focuses on Florida’s emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery’s role is to host exceptional talent and support up and coming new talent. Brook Dorsch and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch are both romantic and business partners and the gallery’s name is symbolic of this partnership. The duo believes in fostering communal patronage through positive personal experiences with art.

#8 Piero Atchugarry Gallery

Miami Gallery Art Venue
Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Miami

The Piero Atchugarry Gallery originated in Uruguay, where it focused on Post-War Italian art; but now the space is used for exploring both indoor and outdoor creations in an attempt to connect curatorial practice and architecture. In 2018, the program expanded to North America with a new location in Miami’s bustling Design District. The gallery is now part of an international art community that connects Europe, Latin America, and the US.

#9 Nina Johnson Gallery

Miami Art Venue
Katie Stout: Sour Tasting Liquid Exhibition, 2020

The Nina Johnson Art Gallery has long-been producing successful exhibitions presenting promising and mature artists from around the world. This 4-building art venue works to produce ambitious projects that will entice its visitors. With its pleasant and engaging atmosphere, the gallery offers a supportive space for artistic exploration that goes beyond gallery walls. 

#10 Mindy Solomon Gallery

Art venue
Francie Bishop Good: Curious Garden Exhibition, 2020

Last but not least, the Mindy Solomon Gallery. As a staple in Miami’s art community, the gallery houses numerous mediums including sculpture, painting, photography, and video. This venue is recognized for exploring the intersection of art and design via 2D and 3D objects. Solomon invites art lovers to experience this artistic enrichment within her gallery space.

With the inevitable flux in the art market, these 10 Miami art venues will surely keep you up to date with the newest innovations. Furthermore, each establishment is guaranteed to offer a unique and pleasant experience for its visitors! By exploring these museums and galleries, you’ll be expanding your artistic horizons and gaining insight into the latest trends. In the meantime, discover more art venues on Artsper!

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