A Short Guide to the Secession Movement

The Secession movement was a Viennese branch of ‘Art Nouveau’ that flourished during the years 1892 to 1906. This movement developed an organic style, typically with floral designs in opposition to more geometric expressions of art nouveau. The movement was represented by a group of twenty or so artists the majority of whom were either Austrian or German. Among the best known are Gustav Klimt, … Continue reading A Short Guide to the Secession Movement

Insanity and art

To explain representation of insanity in art, we must first study painting. Numerous pictorial works reveal valuable information to historians about society in their time. Paintings that represented insanity depict how a madman, marginal character was perceived by contemporaries. Today Artsper analyses insanity and art based on three painters’ work who studied and interpreted mental illness through the ages and different viewpoints.  Jérome Bosch Ship … Continue reading Insanity and art

5 things to do in London this week, 17 November

1. Truth and Memory 8 March 2015   In the wake of Remembrance Day, I urge you to visit the Imperial War Museum to see a collection of First World War art not seen on this scale for almost 100 years. The Imperial War Museum re-opened in July this year and has attracted great attention since. Aptly marking the centenary of the start of the … Continue reading 5 things to do in London this week, 17 November