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A weekend in ...Prague
Artstyle 08 Aug 2014

A weekend in ...Prague

Prague, or the timeless town. This town is quite simply a marvel of central Europe. It is as if time has stood still, the town abounds with cultural surprises. Here are some of the unmissable places to visit in Prague.

The Castle

Situated in the hilltop district of Hradcany, the castle dominates the old town of Prague as well as the Mala Strana district. It has housed the Czech kings, the emperors of the Holy Roman and Germanic empire and presidents of the Czech Republic. More than just a castle, it is a complete estate. In fact, the monument is the focal point of an impressive array of gardens and roofs. Only the towers of the cathedral of St. Guy overlook the castle and its grounds and allow you to appreciate the beauty of the estate. Walk along the Golden Lane, touristic but unmissable for its miniature houses.

chateau prague

The Charles bridge

This bridge spans the River Vltava and links the Old Town with the Mala Strana quarter. Depending upon the time of the day and the weather, it has different paces. Full of tourists, it still keeps its charm thanks to the imposing statues which overlook the bridge. Treat yourself to a trdelnick (don’t try and pronounce it, it’s pointless). This Czech cake is a sweet pastry flavoured with cinnamon, rolled and cooked on a wood fire in the street. A (rare) Czech delicacy !


 The Jewish Area

The Josehov area, a former Jewish ghetto area of the town is full of history. When walking there something of the souls of the people who used to live there can be felt through these walls, these buildings, these etchings, these paintings. The cultural heritage is very rich here: with its numerous synagogues, its museum, its cemetery, the Jewish quarter traces the costumes and traditions of the Jewish communities of central Europe.


The Muscha Museum

This museum is dedicated to the works and life of Alfons Muscha, a name known throughout the world of Art Nouveau. Through about one hundred exhibits – paintings, drawings, engravings, pastels, statues and personal memorabilia, one can discover there much about Sarah Bernhardt, the legendary Parisian actress from the end of the 19thème


For something different…

{The Castle of Vysehrad} out of town with a beautiful view and less touristic than the main castle.

{Letna Park} with its steep embankments and the metronome which replaced the statue of Stalin which overlooked the town. For the record.

{Zizkov Park} with the largest equestrian statue in central Europe(!)

{The Zizkov quarter} with its second-hand clothes shops and alternative cafés.

To hang out as a local…

{The Meet Factory} with its concert hall and specialized programmes. It is also an exhibition centre for contemporary art where international young artists exhibit.

{The Cross Club} a crazily decorated place.

{U Bukanyra} a small, drifting, electro-music houseboat.

{Le Lustr} a bunker outside the town centre. Not open every night, but well worth a trip !

To try a good, typically Czech restaurant…

{The Kolkovne} or {The Lokal} to sample Goulash, a Hungarian dish often found in


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