Vendome Luxury # 21- Carte blanche à Joel Andrianomearisoa – Le Meurice / Hotel d’Evreux

“The time of a meeting between you, me, the other / The time of a meeting with the elsewhere and the unknown (…) The time of a meeting, or forever”

What are the sentiments that exude from luxury and fashion? This is the question asked by Joel Andrianomearisoa, who was given carte blanche at Vendome Luxury’s 21st trade show.

Since 2004, Vendome Luxury became the leader of artistic and cultural events taking place during the Parisian Fashion Week.

As it’s all about luxury, the shows take place in famous hotels around Place Vendome: The Meurice, the Hotel d’Evreux, the Park Hyatt. Vendome Luxury gives the opportunity to the artists invited to express themselves in the best possible conditions. This year, Joel Andrianomerisoa, an artist who crosses genres and styles and works as an architect, a video artist, a designer and a stage director, is the one who gets carte blanche. Joel works with heavy fabrics, paper, objects of everyday life. He reflects upon the direction that everyday objects can take when they are diverted from their main function. He builds poetic works from pieces of paper, which seem to come to life as the viewers pass by them.

Vendome Luxury represents the desire to engage a dialog between luxury and art. A dialog from which both come out more rich and more mature. Joel Andrianomearisoa takes his carte blanche and takes over the space, creating strong emotions, in 4 moments (Sentimental Products / We’re all sentimental / The Black Light / The Champagne) in the spaces of the Meurice and Hotel d’Evreux.