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The Best Online Art History Classes
Artstyle 25 Apr 2022

The Best Online Art History Classes

online art history classes
© The Art Explora platform: Free online art history classes

Open to all, open online courses have invaded the digital world. And for good reason: they offer a wide range of themes and ways to learn, often free of charge. Combining a friendly, warm and sharp approach, online art history courses are a joy for the young and old alike! Despite their 24-hour free access, they are not always easy to find. To make the job easier, here is our selection of the best online art history classes!

The Louvre: Online art history classes examining Mona Lisa to contemporary art

online art history classes
© Louvre Kids: The Adventures of the Regent

The Louvre has made its own online art history classes available online. They feature the same quality and diversity of approach that has made the museum famous. Class subjects include the body in movement, the connection between art and political power, the transition from craftsman to Renaissance artist and more. One can get lost in the galleries of the Louvre by entering the virtual tours offered by the museum. If you are a Leonardo da Vinci fan, discover the Louvre’s first virtual reality project, Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass. From this online art class, you’ll learn all creative processes and painting techniques of Leonardo da Vinci. For younger visitors, the Louvre offers a series of fun and educational videos. Let your children discover the secrets of the Venus de Milo or go on an extraordinary Egyptian expedition.

Art Explora: Certified and fun courses

art explora
© The Art Explora platform: Free online art history classes

Art Explora offers online art history courses accessible to everyone. Built like a game, this platform has the merit of being as fun as it is serious. At the end of a session, you can even get a certification in art history from the Sorbonne University! Asian art, African art, medieval and contemporary art, Greek and Ancient Roman art – there is something for everyone! Through a dynamic and complete approach, each theme is approached through 4 sessions 10 minutes each.  As a bonus, discover the new Art Explora series: The little secrets of great paintings!

The Sotheby’s Institute of Art: Prestigious online art history classes

online art history classes
© The Sotheby’s Institute of Art: Prestigious online art history classes

The famous London school of art, Sotheby’s Institute, offers 25 high quality online art history classes. In addition to covering a wide range of topics, these courses are also designed for various levels, from introductory to professional. Discover contemporary art, the key concept of art history, art marketing, mid-century modern design, and many other topics! These courses are not free, but they offer comprehensive training in just two to six weeks. Without necessarily aiming to become a professional, these courses can also be a way to make your passion for art history become a reality.

Artips Academy: Approachable and complete courses

artips academy
© Artips academy

Not only focused on art, the online courses of Artips Academy address a myriad of artistic subjects: the Renaissance and Baroque movements, American art history, ancient Egypt, Art Deco, the history of photography and even the selfie! Each 8-minute episode covers a topic in a fun and instructive way. Comprehensive and diverse lessons delivered with the same verve as the art anecdotes that Artips is famous for.

Online art history classes: Culture for everyone

Online courses are the big winner of the 2.0 knowledge transmission. Accessible to all, they can be viewed or listened to from any computer, smartphone or tablet. When they are free, they break down the elitist barriers of art. They invite a playful-yet-wise approach that makes the complex simple. This is a wonderful way to broaden your artistic culture while having fun! So, which class will you take first?