A mystical trip to Ibiza by night with Le Collectionist

Artsper teams up with Le Collectionist to make you discover a place through an artist’s work. This month, the artist Marc Morrel brings us to Ibiza with his painting “Ibiza by night”.

“Travel like chasing a treasure in search of a destination, a place, an encounter, a moment.”

MARC MORREL – Ibiza by Night, 2015
MARC MORREL – Ibiza by Night, 2015

One artist, one place

A spiritual painter, Marc Morrel found in Ibiza an unexpected source of inspiration. Mysterious keeper of an hybrid folklore, the island is the junction of a hippie culture close to nature and that lifestyle of partying and wild nights. Near the end of the 20th century, intrigued by the beauty of the space and fascinated by the light, the painter decided to use his artwork to convey this colorful kaleidoscope.

“Ibiza by night”

When looking at the piece, one thinks of the blue crossed by a dash of color, of the sea pierced by sunrays and of the nightlife illuminated by a hint of phosphorescent light… This painting, sensible to black light, shine when the light is out. “Ibiza by night” represents this opposition between fluorescent luminosity and the deep blue hues of Ibiza nights, one of the many nocturnal facets of the island…