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Artstyle 25 Oct 2012

Interview with Steve Rosenblum

Steve Rosenblum founded Pixmania in 2006 with his brother, Jean-Emile, and, in 2006, he and his wife Chiara started their contemporary art collection. He prefers young artists to famous names and he wanted to share his enthusiasm for these artists with whom he has become friends. After « Born in Dystopia », the Rosenblum Foundation presents « Crossing Art », an exciting reflection between contemporarty and primitive African and Polynesian art. He accepted to share his views and his favorite pieces with Artsper. Thank you, Daniel Rosenblum!


Artsper: What is the artwork that illustrates your personality in the best way?
Christopher Wool’s paintings. He works on disappearance and the idea of starting again. I love building and starting from nothing over and over again.

A: An artistic event that you try not to miss?
Art Basel

A: How do you like to visit an exhibition, alone, with friends or with your partner?
With my wife.

A: We’ve read in an interview that one of the elements that fueled your passion for contemporary art was an installation of the Swiss artist Christophe Buchel at the FIAC 2006. What did you feel when you saw his installation?
The piece was a luggage container of a plane that had exploded during an attack. I understood at that moment that Art could be an excellent Psychoanalysis “couch”, so that moment triggered everything. Art gives answers to questions that have no answer unless one has a certain perceptiveness for art.

A: What was the last show that really shook you?
Francis Bacon at the Tate Modern in London, no hesitation.

A: What is the artwork that you’d want most in your collection?
A piece by Tino Sehgal. I love the idea of void.

A: What is your latest artistic discovery?
I like the work of Amanda Ross-Ho very much right now.

A: Your collection is very much talked about, but do you sometimes paint, do sculpture or take photographs?
No, I never do.

A: Last question, and you don’t need to give a reason for your choice: Diane Arbus or Larry Clark?
Larry Clark.

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