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Artsper's Whodunnit Mystery
Artstyle 25 Oct 2021

Artsper's Whodunnit Mystery

Blurred black and white image of people.
Sophie Patry, People, 2018, available on Artsper

Mr. Art Sper, a famous gallerist and art collector, has disappeared, and the team at Artsper needs your help to find who took him before Halloween. Your prize? A discount at Artsper you’d be scared to miss…

Read more here to find out how to solve the mystery and win the prize!

Step 1: Meet the suspects…

Painting of many different faces.
Ghylan Safadi, The Lives of Others 54, 2021, available on Artsper

Ms. Violet: Mr. Sper’s estranged wife. They’ve been fighting over who gets to keep the family collection of Picasso works and it hasn’t been going well…

Mr. Silver: Art Sper’s long-time friend and business partner at their gallery. Rumor has it they’ve been thinking of splitting the business up. Coincidence? 

Ms. Orange: Mr. Sper’s daughter. All she’s ever wanted is to be an artist, but apparently Art didn’t approve.

Mx. Yellow: One of Art’s prized artists. A recent solo show at the gallery was a hit, but could the artist be leaving the gallery for bigger and better things?

Dr. Indigo: Mr. Sper’s loyal client. The doctor bought out the most recent gallery show, but promptly returned all of the artworks without reason…

Step 2: Follow the clues…

The culprit left behind clues that we need your help to solve. Should you be able to crack the code using the following format, you will receive a special discount code to thank you for your work.

Clue 1

You’ve just received the call that Mr. Art Sper is missing and decide to investigate. When looking through today’s newspaper you notice that the first letter of this artist’s first name is circled… is it a coincidence?

Drawing by Salvador Dali.
Salvador Dali, Faust – Vieux Faust, 1969, available on Artsper
Clue 2

You think you’re on the right track with your first clue, but the phone’s been ringing off the hook. To stop the distraction you answer it and there’s silence. Just as you’re about to hang up, you hear a breath and someone repeating “second clue, second letter.” You look up at the artwork above your phone… Does someone know what you’re up to?

Mysterious photograph of a figure representing time.
Kirsteen Titchener, Time, 2019, available on Artsper
Clue 3

Next, a knock on the door. You cautiously go to answer it, as you weren’t expecting anyone. Opening the door just a crack, you look outside and to your simultaneous horror and relief there’s no one there, but there is something there. In a small wrapped package there’s a letter inscribed with nonsense and the phrase “go to the gallery for mister rabbit’s last name” written again and again… Are you losing it or did you just find another clue?

Painting of a rabbit.
Petraeus, Mr Lapin. Looking for Alice, 2018, available on Artsper
Clue 4

Paranoid, you leave your house and head to the gallery where Art worked, as directed by the note. You stroll through the cold exhibit space looking for a sign of another letter and suddenly you see it: The repeated first letter in this title is colored a dark red. It’s barely distinguishable from the black letters without a flashlight, but this must be it. You hurry to get out of the space before anyone else arrives…

Painting of a veiled skull.
Valérie Rauchbach, Vanité au voile, 2009, available on Artsper
Clue 5

When you leave the exhibition, you see strange graffiti on the wall… Is this a new street art exhibition or another clue? It’s a rendering of this artwork, but its title is missing the beginning letter of the End. Things are coming together now…

Sculpture of a skull and face.
David Mesguich, Dead End, 2017, available on Artsper
Clue 6

You think you’ve done it…could it be? You rush towards the police station to report the culprit, but first you fill in the last letter you’ve been missing… the first letter of this artist’s last name. You’ve got them now! With this last clue, Mr. Art Sper should be home safe in no time.

Black and white image of 3 people with scary eyes.
Roger Ballen, Spooky Eyes, 2012, available on Artsper

Step 3: Solve the mystery…

Did you figure it out? Use the letters from the clues as a discount code for 5% off all orders through November 7th, 2021. Discount code: _ _ _ _ _ _ 2021

We hope you enjoyed this mystery! To discover more spooky works, check out our special Halloween collection. And if you haven’t found your costume yet, check out our article for scary art-inspired ideas. Happy Halloween!

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