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2017 Presidential : what if all the candidates were artworks?
Artstyle 21 Apr 2017

2017 Presidential : what if all the candidates were artworks?

A few days before the first round, the noose tightens for five presidential candidates. While waiting for the results, the team at Artsper had some fun by imagining contemporary artworks which resemble the candidates. Who knows, these might even be their favorite works….


Everything was perfectly fine for Francois Fillon until the evening of 24th January where the newspaper “Canard Enchaîné” revealed the suspicions about his wife Penelope’s fictitious job. Poor Francois! Harassed by nasty journalists and sued by “Cabinet Noir”, he can’t even console himself by recounting his salary: with a monthly revenue of only 25.753 dollars per month, the former Prime Minister can’t save the slightest dime!


Explosion, inspirée par Lichtenstein, 2005, ©Pénélope

Why this artwork? Pénélope (not Fillon, this time), is an artist who collects articles from the famous newspaper “Le Monde” and gives them a new life by creating a new universe, closely related to the news. The painting “Explosion” perfectly resonates the media explosion right after Pénélopegate.


Benoît Hamon is having a hard time asserting himself…Between the issues pertaining to Francois Fillon and Marine Le Pen not to mention Emmanuel Macron’s mistaken quotes, the media doesn’t seem to have enough room to talk about Hamon’s disruptive measures. But Benoit is a nice guy actually, as he wants to give money to everyone! Unfortunately the universal revenue or even legalizing cannabis won’t be enough to make his campaign different from Mime Marceau’s skit.


Blue Between, 2013, ©CharlElie Couture

Why this artwork? Fascinated by big cities, CharlElie is able to capture the allies of New York and works on them with eager brush strokes.  Blue Between, with its inconsistent silhouette tries to assert itself in an urban landscape through bright colors, reminding us that Benoit Hamon is literally put in the shade by his image of an invisible reputation.


An iron fist in a velvet glove, the National Front’s candidate won’t let anybody or anything block her way, even justice! Nobody takes on Marine! She loves to fly her blond hair in the strong winds of Brittany, to please her electors but she’s far from being foolish: she knows the system and therefore fights against it! By pumping out money, for sure. A definite alternative!


Blue Marilyn, 2014, ©Mila

Why this artwork? Marine Le Pen, the National Front’s candidate and the head of the Blue Marine Movement, dreaming about a change in blue, white and red with demonization. What better than a “Blue Marilyn” by the artist Mila to illustrate the ambitions of the candidate?


A firm favorite of the polls, Emmanuel Macron is above all seduction. A wink and smile here and there, and presto you have a candidate at the top of the polls, even before unveiling his program. It’s true that a program is cumbersome.It’s analyzed and criticized: the best means to lose voters! But all Emmanuel wants is for everyone to be happy. The problem is that by saying yes to everyone, he doesn’t know which way to turn….


Béné, 2013, ©Brno Del Zou

Why this artwork ? In his series “photosculptures”, Brno Del Zou uses body fragments to shape things up in a better way through his own unique style. A firm aesthetic stance which doesn’t hide the chaotic thoughts of our minds. Béné and his look in every single direction reminds us of Macron’s attempts, to satisfy the right wing, left wing and anything else in the middle.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the gentle strength of this campaign. He never raises his voice or says anything unpleasant to his rivals. No really, the candidate of Rebellious France keeps his cool. Well yes, he wants a revolution. But being a former French teacher, he’ll surely favor silent marches. Let’s get going people, two at a time!

Catwoman, 2014, ©Miss Tic

Why this artwork?  Poet and visual artist, Miss Tic has been decorating Parisian walls with her famous stencils since several years, with feminine characters who play with perception. Less sensual but extremely provoking, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his fiery personality just like Miss Tic’s Catwoman, doesn’t hesitate to scratch his rivals and journalists with his sharp verve.

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