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Young talents to follow in 2017! Part 2
Get inspired 27 Dec 2016

Young talents to follow in 2017! Part 2

Tough keeping up with the frantic pace of the art market? Artsper makes this easy for you and guides you on the path of contemporary creation. Each year, students from art schools or young self-taught artists stretch their imagination, to renew the artistic scene. Discover through our selection, the artists which shouldn’t be missed and in fact followed during 2017!

Philippine Boulay


Philippine Boulay

Philippe Boulay invites us to a dreamlike nest, in a gentle and pleasurable manner. He lives between London and Paris, this young artist has developed an art for feelings and heightened emotions. His work is a true invitation to dream, the artist calls his landscapes “dreamscapes”. Even if lyricism predominates, this aspect isn’t the only strength of his paintings. The content is in keeping with the shapes and his paintings are not only bewitching, they are able to make us do some soul-searching. By choosing to turn towards abstraction, Philippe Boulay has made a choice to express his imagination freely. Soon, we’ll be able to see his work exhibited at Grand palais during the next edition of the Salon des Artistes Français in 2017.


Born in 1988, Hoël Duret studied at the Fine Arts school in Nantes, and graduated in 2011. He was discovered and participated at the Mullhouse Biennial, where he won the Young creation award. His work has several facets, ranging from videos to installation, not to mention performance. He also concentrates on modernism and history. Hoël Duret joined the prestigious artist residency from 2014 until 2015 at the Pavilion of Tokyo Palace, also known as the creation Laboratory. A successful career, which is headed upwards due to its momentum.



Nicolas Delay

Completely self-taught, Nicolas Delay feeds on anything in his surroundings, to begin with Drancy, a city where grew up. What is the trace that Man is leaving behind him. What kind of a future awaits in a society where the deck is stacked, in a world where foreseen obsolescence rules and over-consumption reigns? The artist gives ideas to reflect upon by basing them on infinitely big and infinitely small aspects. He re-creates a nanoscale world, in a large format giving the illusion of an urban aerial view and a completely dehumanized future. His work was mainly presented at the YIA Contemporary Art fair in 2015.



Alexandre Bour

When he created his first piece of works, Alexandre Bour initially thought in terms of light and its shadow. His studies in architecture at Ecole de Nancy gave him the capacity to anticipate space and grasp this through different angles. He left this career overnight and turned towards sculpture, while retaining his architectural perspective. Wire sculptures after wire sculptures, his metallic characters came into being, depending on the shot and lighting. They remain standing up in a weightless and natural manner, while taking a casual pose.



Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde, an intriguing but attractive artist name, under which hides a visual artist called Steph Burnley. Artist, engraver, she works with collages, photos and paintings to create graphic compositions. After her course in 3D design, she decided to be self-employed and begin her graphic designing company, specializing in poster creation for festival campaigns, brochures and t-shirts. Gradually, she turned towards various other methods which includes silkscreen painting and developed her artistic style. She gathers information and iconography from all over the place, which is of interest to her. Currently, she draws inspiration from music, cinema, politics, travels just like a snapshot and stages them in a unique manner, leading to the emergence of her work.

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About Artsper

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