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Which Painters are on the Rise?
Get inspired 09 Nov 2022

Which Painters are on the Rise?

rating of a painter
Peter Doig, Two Trees, Metropolitean Museum, 2017 ©Mark Woods.

As ruthless as it is lucrative, the art market is sometimes difficult to follow. And while some artists burst in without warning, others never manage to get through the doors. It can happen that the rating of a painter is so high that his works go for an even higher price. Want to know more about contemporary stars? Artsper invites you to discover 8 artists who are on the rise!

1. David Hockney, the incredible rating of a well-established painter

rating of a painter
David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972

Although David Hockney has been famous for a long time, his rating as a painter has just reached new heights. It is with Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) that Hockney established his reputation as an artistic genius. His work was sold for 79.8 million euros in 2018 at Christie’s auction. An unclassifiable precursor, David Hockney has contributed as much to pop art as he has to photography. And at 80 years old, he can still boast about having the wind in his sails!

2. Peter Doig, the unstoppable rating of a painter

rating of a painter
Peter Doig, Swamped, 1990

Largely inspired by the German Romantics, Peter Doig sold a painting for almost 13 million euros in 2016. But who knew that was just a taste? In 2021, he literally took off with his work Swamped. Made in 1990, it was sold at Christie’s for over 34 million euros.

3. Banksy, and the most expensive destroyed work in the world

Girl With Balloon, 2002
Banksy, Girl With Balloon, 2002

A true emblem of street art, Banksy has an international reputation. He even achieves the feat of having the rating of a famous painter… while concealing his identity! It’s a mystery and trickery that Banksy and his fans can’t get enough of. The proof: he sold his Girl with Balloon for more than a million euros at a Sotheby’s auction. And while the painting had just been sold, it self-destructed by shredding itself in the frame under the stunned gaze of its buyer and the whole assembly. The result? Three years later, the remains of the shredded painting, which was intended to denounce the commodification of art, was sold for 21.8 million euros.

4. Brice Marden, a popular abstract painter

rating of a painter
Brice Marden, Complements, 2004-2007

New York painter and printmaker, Brice Marden, broke a sales record in 2020. His incredible oil on canvas Complements was sold at Christie’s for 26.5 million euros. A minimalist and abstract painting whose lyricism is indisputable.

5. Jenny Saville, the highest priced living painter

Propped, 1992 © Sotheby's
Jenny Saville, Propped, 1992 © Sotheby’s

Contemporary artist Jenny Saville is the highest-rated living painter. She stands out thanks to her portraits with vibrant colors and realism. Questioning the taboos related to the female body, she exposes the beauty of a flesh with palpable imperfections. Her feat was rewarded in 2018 during a sale at Sotheby’s with the sale of her breathtaking Propped for 10.9 million euros.

6. Christopher Wool, the indestructible rating of a painter

rating of a painter
Christopher Wool, Apocalypse Now, 1988

Very easily recognizable, Christopher Wool’s black letters painted on a white background are very popular! A success that, according to experts, is not likely to diminish. And for good reason: in 2013, the painter sold his work Apocalypse Now for 26 million dollars. Then, in 2015 it was Untitled (Riot) which reached the sum of 30 million dollars.

7. Yoshitomo Nara, at the crossroads of cultures

Yoshitomo Nara, Tannenbaum Firegirl, 2016
Yoshitomo Nara, Tannenbaum Firegirl, 2016, available on Artsper

A Japanese artist who studied in Germany, Yoshitomo Nara began in the 1990s to create portraits at the crossroads of cultures. Borrowing techniques from manga and traditional Japanese theater, his works are also inspired by Western art. In 2019 the Japanese pop art artist broke records, when his work Knife Behind Back was sold at Sotheby’s for 22 million euros.

8. Mark Grotjahn, a sure bet in abstract art

rating of a painter
Mark Grotjahn , Untitled (Three-tiered Perspective), 1997

Already known for many years, Mark Grotjahn made a sale for almost $17 million in 2017. He has established himself as one of the leading contemporary abstract artists, and his rating has not decreased since!

The rating of a painter, a dizzying market

As ruthless as it is colossal, the art market can sometimes make your head spin. While a destroyed work multiplies its value by 18, thousands of talented artists never manage to break through. Which artist would you like to see reach the top?

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