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8 Apps for Art Lovers
Get inspired 23 Oct 2020

8 Apps for Art Lovers

Today, everyone is exposed to apps. So, why not make art more inclusive through apps? Throughout time, artists have continuously attempted to increase art’s accessibility. With today’s technological and digital advancements, art is available in a single tap on your smartphone! Whether you are looking for the nearest exhibition, the greatest masterpieces, artist bios, or just good fun… Artsper has collected the best apps for art lovers and enthusiasts!

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1) Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture offers the exploration of historical treasures and cultural institutions from all around the world! Here, you can do anything from thoroughly inspect masterpieces, like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, to learning more about Black history’s inspirational figures, to discovering NASA’s image archives. This app is perfect for curious users who are eager to learn more about global art, people, and history!


  • Transform your photos into classic artworks
  • Find portraits that look like you
  • Find artworks by using the colors within your photos
  • View artworks in real size, real-life settings
  • Wander through immersive galleries and VR tours 
  • Explore artworks in HD and with 360° videos
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2) Daily Art

You may recognize famous artworks, but do you understanding its context? Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear; how did Pollock create his paintings? On DailyArt, you’ll be able to learn fun facts about these masterpieces. Join this community of over 1,000,000 art lovers and awaken your inner culture with the app’s daily doses of paintings and informational blurbs!


  • A collection of over 2500 masterpieces
  • 700 artist biographies 
  • 500 museum collections
  • Add masterpieces to your favorites
  • Shareable amongst family and friends
  • Use dark mode
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3) Sotheby’s App

An app for art collectors and enthusiasts! Sotheby’s application provides access to today’s current trends, global artworks, precious articles, and more! Find old masterpieces or contemporary art; or furniture to photography to prints; or dabble in fine wine and jewelry. Regardless, you are bound to find something of interest! Known for its unparalleled expertise, Sotheby’s world-class specialists have assembled quality art-based content for its users! 


  • Find upcoming auctions from locations around the world
  • Browse items available on offer 
  • Zoom-In feature for close inspection 
  • Narrated audio recordings 
  • Live stream marquee auctions
  • Access to Sotheby’s complete video library and articles
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4) Paris Invaders Map

Invader, the mysterious street artist who has “invaded” cities across the globe with his street art! From London, Hong Kong, to New York City, find these easily-recognizable artworks! Paris alone has over 1,000 “Space Invaders”! This app encourages active participation and cultural exploration. Join Artsper on a scavenger hunt around Paris, France, to uncover the “Space Invaders”! 


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5) AMO: Daily Art Inspiration

Calling all art connoisseurs! AMO is a user-friendly app created by artists, for artists. Discover artworks throughout history are seamlessly packed in one, accessible spot. Here, you’ll find a daily feed with interesting facts, historical stories, artist biographies, and more! Uncover endless art and inspire your inner artist by absorbing AMO’s presentation of beauty and history. 


  • Explore 150 art movements and over 40,000 artworks 
  • Artist of the day, artwork of the day
  • Personalized art feed according to your personal tastes 
  • Daily inspiration
  • HD Quality downloadable wallpapers 
  • Subscription option (Premium Pass: unlimited access to premium content and features)
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6) Architectural Digest

Known world-wide, Architectural Digest celebrates art through architecture and interior design. With innovative homes and products, users gain access to decor ideas, culture, and travel. Architectural Digest has become a staple in the design world and a symbol of luxury living. 


  • Exclusive access to current trends 
  • Guidance on the best interior decor for your home 
  • Access to architecture, antiques, and art 
  • Shop AD’s favorite styles, looks 
  • Find travel destinations
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7) Art Quiz

This interactive app will test your knowledge of art history! Can you name the artist? What about the artwork? Perhaps you even know the context and history behind it? On the trickiest levels, answer questions like, “what rare blue pigment did Leonardo da Vinci use?” In order to achieve top scores, you must have a quick response time and the correct answer. Play now and discover your score on Art Quiz! 


  • Variety of material on artworks
  • Engaging, interactive, educational 
  • Unlock new quizzes with higher scores
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8) Artlist App

An app that believes there are only three steps to understanding art: observing, recognizing, and reflecting. Artlist explores the top masterpieces in full-screen HD on your device. Be your own curator and fabricate personal collections by accumulating your favorite works. As the app grows, more works are continuously added for further examination! 


  • Hundreds of high-quality visuals 
  • Ass and download artworks to your favorites 
  • Fun filter functions 
  • Wander around exhibitions from around the world 
  • Organize art according to the genre, country, rating, and more 
  • Share with friends and family

Voilà! These are our suggestions for art-inspired apps. If you’re looking for specific art institutions, most of them have apps as well, including the Louvre, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art. Rather than spending all your time and data usage on social media and emailing, these apps will surely break that tired routine and offer some creativity, inspiration, and amusement to your day… Enjoy!

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