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Our 10 favourite artworks by Marilyn Minter
Get inspired 27 Aug 2015

Our 10 favourite artworks by Marilyn Minter

Marylin Minter is an American artist which work revolves around the issue of bodies in relation with the imagery of fashion, and sexual taboos on desire and sexuality. Her practice encompasses photography, as well as painting and video art. She has grown very famous for her hyperrealist and glossy paintings made out of enamel on metal representing close-ups of half-opened mouths with watery lips, glittery eyelids and nail polished feet on high heels.

You would have guessed it, her creations are all about suggestion and sensuality flirting with lust, through a zoom on body parts covered with slimy and voluptuous material. Marilyn Minter claims herself to be a feminist, and her art, far from giving in to the contemporary objectification of women, is an ode to their deep sensuality and sexual power. She also did a series of photographs showing body parts through provocative angles and seen behind windows dripping with water.

With Marilyn Minter sensuality can sometime become disturbing, even though is creates an almost irresistible attraction. Viewers are drawn to her work instinctively, bewitched by the shiny and decadent aesthetics of her images.

Exhibitions featuring her work have multiplied all over the world: at the MOCA of Los Angeles, the Kunsthaus Museum of Zurich and the Maison de la Photographie in Paris to only name a few.

Artpser is presenting you with 10 of our favorite artworks by this provocative artist.


Marilyn Minter-Cheshire (Wangechi), 2011

Cheshire (Wangechi), 2011



Redhead, 2015



Pop Rocks, 2009


MarilynMinter- Manucure 2002- C Print

Manucure, 2002


Doll Part, 20141, Enamel on metal

Doll Part, 2014


MarilynMinter_Violet Bubble, 2008, Enamel on Metal

Violet Bubble, 2008


Green Pink Caviar, 2009

Green Pink Caviar, 2009



Deluge, 2011


 MarilynMinter-Quail's Egg

Quail’s Egg, 2004


MarilynMinter- Blue Poles, Enamel on metal 2007

Blue Poles, 2007

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