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Spotted at the FIAC 2019: our favourite stands
Get inspired 18 Oct 2019

Spotted at the FIAC 2019: our favourite stands

Artsper set off to explore the 46th edition of the FIAC. Wearing comfortable trainers to wander down the aisles, and armed with our smartphones to capture everything, we used eagle-eyed precision to spot the stands that simply cannot be missed. Here are our must-see stands at the FIAC 2019!

Grand Palais – FIAC 2019

303 Gallery (New York) : the geometric one

303 Gallery – New York – B20

Triangles, circles, rectangles, cylinders and cubes juggle at this stand, with a very geometrical result! We were particularly keen on the contrast of the black sculptures with the white of the walls, which really accentuated the three dimensionality.

Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco) : the stylish one 

Jessica Silverman Gallery – San Francisco – H18

This stand’s layout is very striking. The pastel colours and mixture of materials such as plaster, paints, photos and stucco harmonise perfectly. What’s more, its mosaics give a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere to it all. We love it.

Salon 94 Gallery (New York) : the sexy one  

Salon 94 Gallery – New York – C38

We liked this stand for its electric colours and the way it portrays women. Nude figures are found behind fogged-up glass, in candid depictions evocative of mirages, with a dream-like quality to them.

Nara Roesler Gallery (São Paulo) : the sunny one

Galerie Nara Roesler
Galerie Nara Roesler – São Paulo – A37

Is their aim to recall summer in São Paulo, or to highlight the magnificent sculptures on the stand? In any case, we were delighted by the sunny yellow of the Nara Roesler Gallery.

Continua Gallery : the green one 

Galeria Continua – Pékin – C39

Come and visit the Galeria Continua stand for a breath of fresh air. In the middle of it is artist Pascale Marthine Tayou’s Totem, made of glass, vegetation and a multitude of details.

Van de Weghe Gallery (New York) : the pop one

Van de Weghe Gallery – New York – C32

This is the stand that was the most ‘pop‘ out of those at this year’s FIAC. Lined in a deep black, the walls proudly hang works by Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann. On the opposite side is a scarlet frog that looks at you with huge eyes.

Perrotin Gallery (Paris) : the galactic one

Galerie Perrotin – Paris – A32

As with every year, the Perrotin Gallery stand is a major feature. We fell under the spell of this galactic atmosphere due to its superb scenography. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

Vallois Gallery (Paris) : the retro one

Galerie Vallois – Paris – A58

We were really fond of this stand’s vintage feel. Buckled heels, machines from a different age and torn, old-fashioned posters made for an enjoyable retro twist after so many ultra-modern stands.

High Art Gallery (Paris) : the eccentric one

High Art Gallery – New York – J22

On the first floor we discovered the most eccentric of the FIAC’s stands. We particularly fancied Max Hooper Schneider’s magical aquarium. Come closer, it’s worth it!

Soft Opening Gallery (Londres) : the ‘once upon a time’ one

Soft Opening Gallery (Londres) : the 'once upon a time' one
Soft Opening Gallery – Londres – G20

Finally, artists also appreciate “once upon a time” and a happy ending. We loved the enchanting world of the London gallery Soft Opening’s stand.

The FIAC ends this Sunday, the 20th October. If you haven’t had time to go, don’t panic! There are plenty more exhibitions opening their doors this month for you to have an suitably arty autumn.

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