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Spotted at the AKAA Fair 2019
Get inspired 08 Nov 2019

Spotted at the AKAA Fair 2019

This year Artsper is a partner of Also Known As Africa, the unique French contemporary art and design fair centered around Africa and its diasporas. Founded by Victoria Mann in 2016, its 4th edition will be held at the Carreau du Temple in Paris until Monday 11th November 2019. The programme is sensational; you simply must go! This article brings together some of our favourite artists that we spotted at the AKAA Fair 2019.

Affiche AKAA 2019 (Photo credit: Galerie number 8 et ©Mous Lamrabat)

Leslie Amine 

The first of our favourites is the young Lyonnaise Leslie Amine. We love the mixture of tools, techniques and colours in her paintings, evoking the artist’s own Franco-Beninese background. Leslie is a keen traveller, and she is especially inspired by the African continent; its culture, populations and landscapes.

Exhibited by Galerie Claire Corcia.

Leslie Amine – Femme, tigre et corbeaux – 2016

Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou 

Our second pick is the work of Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou. This young Cameroonian artist’s large and colourful canvases captivate everyone who happens upon them. His paintings are a reflection of himself; positive and humanistic. Despite his young age, Moustapha has a visionary way of looking at the world, that of a conscient and sensitive painter.

Exhibited by Galerie Claire Corcia.

Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou – Les femmes qui nous entourent – 2018

Liset Castillo

Liset Castillo is a talented Cuban sculptor. In 2004 she was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship and spent a year in New York. From then on, she has never ceased to surprise the art world, with works of art that defy categorisation and are often made from sand. Her work reveals the ephemeral nature of things, objects and materials. We love her piece Spectrum: Order/Disorder.

Exhibited by 193 Gallery.

Liset Castillo – Spectrum: Order/Disorder – 2016

René Tavares

Finally, we really enjoyed René Tavares‘ works. This multidisciplinary artist seems equally at ease with a camera as with paper, prints or oil painting. Born in São Tomé and Príncipe, he was awarded a scholarship to study at Rennes Fine Arts. He has since recounted through his work his own experience of contemporary emigration and relocation, creating a dialogue between different peoples and cultures.

Exhibited by Galerie ELA – Espaço Luanda Arte and Movart Gallery.

René Tavares – Ghetto Paradise – 2015

Voilà, these are our favourite artists that we spotted at AKAA 2019, but what are yours? Take advantage of this 3-day weekend to have a wander around the fair and discover your next case of love at first sight! And, if you aren’t going to be in Paris, there are still plenty of exhibitions still to see before the end of this year.

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