6 artist performances worthy of horror films

As everyone knows, Dadism, Futurism and Surrealism transformed the rules and codes of artistic creation at the beginning of the 20th century. But things didn’t stay the same for long, the second half of the 20th century ushered in new changes as well, especially when the practice of artistic performance entered the picture. Certain artists pushed this art form to its limits, to the extent … Continue reading 6 artist performances worthy of horror films

Guide to start a contemporary art collection (1/2)

The act of buying a work of art is a pretty basic concept to picture and understand for most people. However, collecting art is a very different and much more complex undertaking. Starting your own contemporary art collection doesn’t rely only on tastes or urges, it demands long term implication.  The essential aim is still about buying what you like but an art collection deserves … Continue reading Guide to start a contemporary art collection (1/2)

Artists with style

Fashion week season is upon us, after New York and London, it’s currently doing its rounds in Milan before heading up to Paris. Bloggers, fashionistas, designers, models and celebrities are out and about in their best (and sometimes most quirky) outfits. If you don’t want to feel left out, why not draw inspiration from Artsper’s selection of the most fashionable artists! JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Why ? … Continue reading Artists with style

10 Out of the Ordinary Books of Contemporary Art

François Mitterrand’s birthday gifts, a bicycle for divorcing couples, the smallest atlas in the world… The artists’ books do not know the syndrome of the blank page! Humor, craziness and oneirism go hand in hand in these objects full of an unshakeable charm. A complete work of art, the artist book combines artistic beauty with fields of ideas. Born in the 60s, this object is … Continue reading 10 Out of the Ordinary Books of Contemporary Art

9 films with dreamlike settings

To consider the relationship between visual arts and cinema today is to go beyond the representation of artistic gesture and to concentrate on the gesture itself, dealing with the dimensions comprised in a creative gesture: movement, the relationship to time, to history, to the contemporary world, and eternal experimentation… To finally go beyond the concepts that form the foundation of “plastic arts” and fine arts. … Continue reading 9 films with dreamlike settings

Outdoors artworks : the best to discover

The outdoors… even if the nice weather comes and goes, we’re always dreaming of what we are going to do outside! In this article, Artsper has selected the best outdoor artworks from all over the world! An article that rhymes with grandeur, nature and sun! Christo’s artworks ©Christo Among the contemporary masters of outdoor installations, artist Christo is unmissable. The titanic projects completed by the … Continue reading Outdoors artworks : the best to discover