Our favorites by… Candida Höfer

Artsper team regularly looks over all works of art of one artist and chooses 10 of them that the team absolutely wants to keep. Even though it is a completely subjective retrospective, this is the occasion for you to discover again the genius of the artist. This week, Candida Höfer.


© Candida Höfer – Casa de pilatos Sevilla

© Candida Höfer – Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo

Candida-Hofer-George-Peabody Library Baltimire

© Candida Höfer – George Peabody Library Baltimore 

© Candida Höfer – Libreria Calle San Antonio Cadiz

© Candida Höfer – Masonic Temple – Philadelphia

© Candida Höfer – Musée du Louvres – Paris

© Candida Höfer – Musée du Louvres

Chateau de versailles II

© Candida Höfer – Chateau de Versailles

Neues Museum Berlin

© Candida Höfer – Neus Museum Berlin

Trinity College Library

© Candida Höfer – Trinity College library