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7 clips at the crossroads of art and music
Get inspired 06 Feb 2017

7 clips at the crossroads of art and music

When music and image stick together…a new dimension makes a strong impact! Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Queen, Rita Mitsouko….and today, Daft Punk, Air, Radiohead, Björk, exult their creations through new aesthetics. During the Grammy Awards, Artsper reawakens the sound of clips, bringing together visual artists and musicians.


1. The Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol

“Symphony of sound”, The Velvet Underground & Nico, Image  © Andy Warhol

Immortalized on the album cover “The Velvet Underground and Nico”, released in 1967, the banana, the most legendary one of the sixties, was the result of two avant-garde artists. The images of this clip were signed by the pop art pope, namely Andy Warhol. The album sold only 1000 copies at its release (on edge with the morale and experiments of those days), according to us, is the most sweetest flop in the history of music. Get lulled by the Velvet underground vein…

2. Gorillaz & Jamie Hewlett

“Clint Eastwood”, Gorillaz. Illustration © Jamie Hewlett

Just revolutionary, the first virtual group, Gorillaz had a boosting effect in the world of music and illustration. One of the pioneers of mixing soul, jazz, hip-hop, electro music. Behind Gorillaz, hides Damon Albarn who partners up with Jamie Hewlett, designer (incidentally his roommate as well), to inspire life in Gorillaz’s iconic character.

3. Toro Y Moi & Lauren Gregory

“Rose Quartz”, Toro Y Moi. Illustration © Lauren Gregory

When music and painting blend in a whirlwind of lyricism, the palette seems to swirl on the same pace as the bewitching sounds. Lauren Gregory’s brush sketches the traits of this video on a musical support, signed by the American producer, Toro Y Moi.

4. Chelou & Polly Nor

“Halfway to Nowhere”, Chelou. Illustration © Polly Nor

Apart from this smooth trendy image, the Londoner illustrator, Polly Nor illustrates real life, the one with doubts and imperfection in a subtle manner, she reveals the complexity of being. “Halfway to Nowhere” composed by the group, Chelou, which resonates all the recurring themes of the designer: the inner demons, the human jungle, loneliness…The character draws her quest to a close with equanimity, but we are dragged into this as well,as we immerse ourselves in a bucolic universe, with extreme fragrances from the far East.



5. Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Diamond” écrit par Roger Waters, Richard Wright et David Gilmour.

The ultimate legendary group, Pink Floyd innovates a stellar device, through experimentation. At the 5th minute, one has the impression of hovering around in a surrealistic painting. The song revives the absence of…..the group’s leader, Syd Barrett “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” or the longest piece of Pink Floyd’s music (26 minutes in total) gives a true moment of anthlogy

6. Martin Creed

Understanding” Martin Creed  © Martin Creed

Sculptor, painter, musician, director, ballet choreographer….known for winning the Turner award in 2001 for his installation The lights going on and off. Martin Creed seethes and is a big hit. A non-conformist tone with his sound and visual works. The madcap character still leaves room for pop and aesthetic creations. The choreography is perfectly in keeping with the words “I am listening” and sends us back to our very own listening. The mise en abyme, kicks in.

7. Tame Impala

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, Tame Impala © Tame Impala

It’s time for psychedelic….The kaleidoscope is juxtaposed to a sparkling pop melody, a true explosion, just like champagne bubbles. The heightened creativity of the sixty’s is rekindled by this contemporary group (2007). The sparks are maintained through blazing colors. It inspires the same 70’s “live and let live” wind towards new impetus.