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URBEX: The Beauty of Ruins
Get inspired 22 Dec 2015

URBEX: The Beauty of Ruins

URBEX, short for “Urban exploration”, dates back to the 1990’s in the United States. 

At the crossroad of sport, art and lifestyle, urban exploration consists of breaking into abandoned places : old factories, mansions, hospitals etc. transformed by the passing of time but still keeping memories of their former function. Most of the time “urbexers” keep a record of their intrusion by taking breath-taking photographs, but not always.

A taste for unusual exploration, isolation, history, illegality, forbidden places and sometime danger, here are some common treats of urban exploration practicioners. They are no squatters, vandals or thieves, but modern time explorer with a strict ethics of not altering the places they intrude in order to capture the very absence of men in its full authenticity.

Artsper has selected for you 6 of the best Urbex photographers…




Creepy Bathroom








nicolas demars

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