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10 Watercolor Paintings You Need to Know
Get inspired 13 Jul 2021

10 Watercolor Paintings You Need to Know

Watercolor, or water painting, is an age-old painting technique. It dates back from the prehistoric period but was acknowledged during the Renaissance and has been modernized over time. The watercolor technique consists of mixing color pigments and water. The more water there is, the lighter the color. Conversely, the less water there is, the more intense the color. Watercolor paintings are most often used for landscapes, maritime or urban paintings… Precision, and detail are the key elements of this technique. Artsper presents to you 10 watercolors that you need to know. 

1. Cathedral of Llandaff, Paul Sandby 

The father of water painting Paul Sandby is an English watercolor artist of the eighteenth century. He began by painting a series of castles, and made a series of plates and caricatures which he published anonymously. In 1778, he painted the Cathedral of Llandaff in Wales. This watercolor of 129 mm by 182 mm and a perfect exemplar of the style of the painter.

Paul Sandby, Llandaff Cathedral, watercolor
Paul Sandby, Llandaff Cathedral, 1778

2. Place de Diaghilev, Nadéra Benmansour

Straight from Oran, Nadéra Benmansour arrived in France in 1999 where she began to paint watercolors. Exhibited in many cities, she paints landscapes of Algeria but also of the city of Paris. In 2016, Nadéra painted the Place de Diaghilev in Paris, a watercolor of 30 cm by 30 that you can find on Artsper. 

Nadéra Benmansour, Place de Diaghilev, 2016

3. Brown, Tatiana Ivchenkova

Tatiana Ivchenkova is a painter of Russian origin. As soon as she arrived in France, she started to paint and her works are now exhibited all over Europe. She paints portraits of people and uses a bright range of colors that have earned her great success. In 2020, she painted this watercolor of 14 cm by 20 cm made with a selection of brown color variants that she calls Marron

brown watercolor Tatiana Ivchenkova
Watercolor by Tatiana Ivchenkova, Brown, 2020

4. Landscape, André Roland Brudieux

André Roland Brudieux, born in 1921, began his artistic career with woodcutting and then, he finally turned to drawing and painting. He painted Landscape in 1960, it is one of the few watercolors he painted during his career as a painter. This watercolor represents an unidentified landscape of 42 cm by 32.5 cm.

Watercolor painted by André Roland, Landscape, 1960

5. The Bather, Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer is an American artist of the 19th century. This great painter is one of the pioneers of American realism. He began by painting women, cities and rural landscapes. During his first exhibitions, he was confronted by numerous criticisms and finally concentrated on oil painting and watercolor. He painted seascapes until the end of his life. He created The Bather which is part of his collection of numerous watercolors. 

Winslow Homer, The Bather

6. The Marie Dieu doubling the point of Kerro’ch, Roger Hirsch

From a very young age, Roger Hirsch was passionate about drawing. Later, he dedicated his time specifically to painting and more precisely to watercolors. He reproduces landscapes to perfection without forgetting any details. In 2018, he painted a landscape of Paimpol that he named La Marie Dieu doubling the tip of Kerro’ch. Note in particular the reflection of the boat in the water, which is perfectly executed.

sea landscape watercolor artsper Roger Hirsch
Roger Hirsch, La Marie Dieu doubling the point of Kerro’ch, 2018 – Available on Artsper

7. Rue de l’hôtel Colbert à Paris, Franck Le Boulicaut

Franck Le Boulicaut is a versatile artist. Since 2007, he has sought to convey emotions through his paintings. Inspired by the artist Betty Edwards, he paints in his own way, and works in reverse. He painted the watercolor Rue de l’hôtel Colbert à Paris, a work of 50 by 23 cm in 2018.

Paris watercolor Franck Le Boulicaut
Franck Le Boulicaut, Rue de l’hôtel Colbert à Paris, 2018

8. Sailboats on a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea, Konstantinos Sofianopoulos

Konstantinos is a Greek painter of the 20th century. In his works, he is inspired by seascapes to reproduce them. The artist mainly produces watercolors and in particular Sailboats on the edge of an island in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, in 1972. This watercolor in light tones, which is part of his flagship works, gives the impression that he is painting a landscape full of mist.

Konstantinos Sofianopoulos, Sailboats on a Cycladic Island in the Aegean Sea, 1972 – Available on Artsper

9. Lake Geneva, Joseph Mallord William Turner

With his full name Joseph Mallord William Turner, the London watercolorist born in 1775 is one of the pioneers of Impressionism. At the age of 14, he began painting watercolors during the reconstruction of a church in the town of Wanstead and began to gain notoriety. Known for his numerous oil paintings, he soon turned to watercolor. He painted Lake Geneva in 1840. 

Watercolor painted by William Turner, Lake Geneva, 1840

10. Piazza San Marco, Antonio Guidotti

Antonio Guidotti is a sculptor and watercolorist from the twentieth century. In his works, he most often reproduces landscapes of the city of Venice. The watercolor Piazza San Marco was painted in 1920. It portrays the famous square of Venice, of which we can appreciate the numerous details.

Venezian watercolor Guidotti Artsper
Watercolor painted by Antonio Guidotti, Piazza San Marco, 1920. Available on Artsper

Now you know these 10 poetic watercolors, many of which continue to travel through the years. This technique of watercolor painting, which offers a thousand interpretations, has never lost its appeal to viewers. And you can discover hundreds more directly on the Artsper website!