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10 Contemporary artworks revisiting Mao's cultural heritage
Get inspired 09 May 2015

10 Contemporary artworks revisiting Mao's cultural heritage

The Chinese artistic landscape has quite changed since China opened its gates with Den Xiaoping in the early 90s. A first wave of artists emigrated to Europe and the US after the Tienanmen repression in 1989. They created bastions of resistance against the Chinese intellectual diktat. Then, a second wave of young artists obtained more intellectual liberty. They gathered in particular in 798, a gigantic artistic neighbourhood in Beijing. But political tensions are still strong between artists and politics. What a playing field for art !

Artsper has selected for you 10 artworks revisiting Mao’s cultural heritage in a pop-kitsch way!

2Sans titre
Yue Minjun, The Sun, 2000

Aren’t there some similitudes with mao’s propaganda?

Le président Mao, le soleil dans nos cœurs - copie

How smiling they seem those communist activists!

2ARTSPER - copie
Zeng Fanshi, Mask Series, 1996

This baby is having fun on his “Made in China” tank… He almost looks like Kim-Jong-Un!

Baby Riding on a Tank, Unknown, 798 Beijing

Innocence kidnapped by red men in uniforms…

Unknown, 798 Beijing
Liu Ye, I always wanted to be a sailor, 1964

What a red baby!

Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline Big Family No. 9, 1996
Sa4ns titre
Yan Pei Ming, Mao, 2003

Isn’t it the forbiden city that we see behind the execution? Could it represent Tienanmen repression?

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Yue Minjun, Execution, 1995

Who could ever fit in that vest?

ARTSPER - copie
Sui Jianguo, Legacy Mantle, 2008
Lu Shun Shi, Lifeng, Undated