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Photography: Techniques and Processes
A closer look 19 Jan 2015

Photography: Techniques and Processes

Photography development includes different techniques and methods used to obtain a photograph. These practices are divided in two groups : analog photography and digital photography. This diversity allows artists to develop this discipline by exploring the limits of creation. Artsper has put together a few notions on different prints and development technics that could come in handy if you wish to purchase a photograph or if you would just like to understand better a picture you already own.

C-Print / Chromogenic Print: a chromogenic print is the traditional method of printing using negatives or slides, an enlarger, and photographic paper—through a process of exposure and emulsive chemical layers. This practice is the most common type of color photo printing.

Digital C-Print: Also called Lambda or Lightjet prints, this method uses digital exposure systems to output the image, but traditional photographic paper and emulsion processes to produce the final print.

Inkjet Print: inkjet is a general category for works printed through an additive procedure of sprayed ink, as opposed to being chemically developed. In other words, it is a higher quality form of a household printer.

Large format print
 “Giclée” impression inkjet printer large format

Giclée: This is an alternate name for an inkjet print on traditionally thicker support structure.

Lemon photograph
Lemon photogram, unknown

Photogram: photographic image created without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light.

Gelatin silver process: the classical  black-and-white emulsive process, introduced in the late 1800s and still available today. The image is developed through a wet process, using paper coated with a layer of silver salts and gelatin.

Ilfochrome print
A print just pulled from the processor © Douglas Vincent

Ilfochrome or Cibachrome: ilfochrome is a dye destruction positive-to-positive photographic method used for the development of film transparencies on photographic paper.

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