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Frieze London: The Success Story
A closer look 14 Oct 2014

Frieze London: The Success Story

Created in 2003 by the editorial team of the renowned contemporary art magazine Frieze, the contemporary art fair has since then succeeded in establishing itself as a key event for all the major players in the market for contemporary art. Since then, it has continued to evolve and diversify; a beautiful success story.

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The Frieze Art Fair was originally a magazine founded in 1991 by two childhood friends, Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover. After occupying the position of Editors of the magazine, and Directors of the manifestation of art, they launched Frieze Art Fair in London in 2003.

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Since then, the fair has found ​​its place among the largest contemporary art meetings in the world. It hosts over 180 international galleries and hundreds of contemporary artists every year for five days. Frieze is very involved in the direct representation of artists; it is one of its main features. The 2014 fair’s program includes many projects; for the most interactive encouragement of contact between the artist and audience. New for the 2014 edition: a “Live” section featuring artists working directly during performances, installations or achievements.

In 2011, in addition to the traditional Frieze Art Fair, there will be the emerging Frieze New York and Frieze Masters. Frieze New York follows the same concept as the fair in London, while Frieze Masters innovates by proposing a meeting of contemporary art with old masters. In the end, one hundred galleries will be represented including thirty which specialize in art of the 20th century. A gamble, but a successful gamble.

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Architecture has always been an asset to Frieze. The fair takes place every year in the heart of Regents Park, in London, in a temporary structure that allows it to benefit from natural light that serves to enhance the artwork. Far from the sometimes oppressive or artificiality of traditional fairs, one can wander for hours in this particular energy.

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The fair will be hosting more than 60,000 visitors this year and among them are collectors, art lovers, critics, curators, and those who are just curious.

Frieze Masters, until October 18, Regent’s Park, Londonhttp://www.friezemasters.com; and Frieze Art Fair, until October 18, Regent’s Park, London http://www.friezelondon.com. 

Ordinary admission ticket at £ 33 (€ 40) and £ 50 (about € 63) for the two fairs combined. More information on rates and schedules HERE.

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