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A closer look 28 Feb 2015

Collector's Guide: Art Fair Do and Don't

Dos and don’ts !
What to do and what not to do in an art fair:

DO :

  • Charge your mobile phone, you will surely need it during the venue to take pictures of the artwork.
  • Use a map, a good collector traces his whole day by selecting beforehand the galeries he wants to see or the ones he already knows. It’s all about preparing, kind of like Disneyland, you do not come without a plan of attack!
  • Bring business cards. You must be ready to exchange contact with an artist, an art dealer or even another collector. Start building your network.
  • Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and a little snack. Art fairs are often very crowded and tables will be taken at snack or Café areas.
  • Ask questions!



  • Don’t be intimidated, engage in conversation with the art dealers, ask for pricing and other information you need.
  • Try to avoid asking an art dealer if he has done one of the artworks on display. It’s a question that is frequently asked that irritates them because it is almost never the case.
  • Don’t wear a blue pin-striped suit, people will mistake you for an art dealer.
  • Try calling the babysitter. It is preferable to come without your children or you might end up watching them all day rather than the artwork.
  • Finish your snack and drink before admiring up close the sculpture you’ve been admiring. You will avoid the scowling looks of the owner.


Frieze Art Fair New York

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