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Collector's Guide: Evaluating an Artist's Rating
A closer look 16 Mar 2015

Collector's Guide: Evaluating an Artist's Rating

Before purchasing a work of art, you must know the value of the artist of your interest, it’s worth is evaluated by the rating. The rating will allow you to establish your price the day of the auction.

What is the real value of an artwork?

Sometimes in limited edition, most art pieces on the market are unique. Therefor the same work can’t be at the same time on multiple locations on sale. Price comparison is therefore not possible. The price of an artwork changes and fluctuates according to different criteria:

– Public awareness of the artist

– Technique

– Format

– Number of solo exhibitions of the artist

– Number of collective exhibitions the artist has taken part in

– Number of press articles for this artist

– Number of books concerning the artist

– The artists professional background

What is the rating of an artist?

The rating of an artist is the indication that helps evaluate the value of an artwork.

How is it evaluated?

The rating of an artist is evaluated by his prices at the auction houses. With the artists’ progression, his rating is asserted thus creating a solid indication.

However this rating concerns very few contemporary artists whose works have never been subject to auction sales.

Gallery prices

To bridge this gap, guides have been edited like the Drouot Cotation, indicating and listing prices proposed in gallery or by artists.

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About Artsper

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