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Barnebys : Auction houses have their own Google now!
A closer look 18 May 2015

Barnebys : Auction houses have their own Google now!

Are you getting sick of having to browse the websites of each and every auction house (and there are many of them) in order to get an update on the next auctions and find your favorite artist’s artworks ? You would not be the first one, and in order to make your life easier, Christopher Barnekow and Pontus Silfverstolpe have launched Barnebys, the first online platform that allows you to browse all the lots at auction by (almost) every auction house in the world.

Artworks, design furniture, antiques, jewellery, and more collectibles, you can find 330 000 objects for future sale at more than 550 international auction houses each day. Only one more click and you are on the website of Christie’s, Sotheby’s or Tajan, ready to bid !


« The auctioneering market is undergoing a significant change, with Barnebys leading the way in terms of using an online platform to bypass once-restrictive issues of geography to connect with both new and established users. I like the fact that Barnebys is democratising the auction space, and making people realise that we sell far more than the record hammer-price artworks which make the headlines. »

Sotheby’s Scandinavian director Peter Isackson

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If you want to sell your own items, Barnebys can also be a very useful resource as the site has both a valuation service and a realized price bank. Barnebys is the only platform to provide a free price bank , which allows you to get an accurate idea of the value of your own item by comparing it to similar ones already on the market.

Their free-to-use valuation service also gives users access to the most established antiques experts, who can offer estimates and advice to potential sellers.

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About Artsper

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