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Art Paris Art Fair: our 2017 favourites
A closer look 04 Apr 2017

Art Paris Art Fair: our 2017 favourites


© Loïc Pantaly

From 30th March till the 2nd April 2017, Art Paris Art Fair, the contemporary art fair regains control under the nave of Grand Palais. A promising 17th edition: the fair continues its internationalization and develops its eclecticism by presenting 138 galleries, from 29 countries. After the previous editions where Asia was under the limelight, it’s Africa’s turn this year. An opportunity to discover artistic richness of a pluralist Africa through a selection of galleries and artists from the African continent but also the diasporas. The best is to wander around the alleys of Grand Palais, Artsper was delighted to do the same! A little selection of our 2017 favorites.


Cécile Fakhoury Gallery (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

Fakhoury final

Cécile Fakhoury Gallery

Cecile Fakhoury gallery is considered to be a model, when it comes to promoting contemporary art in Africa. Based in Abidjan, Ivory Cost, this young gallery opened its doors in 2012. They are devoted to artists whose artistic languages stands out as they seem to suppress borders and refuse to be part of a geographic stigmatization. Among our selections, our favorite is the alley dedicated to the Algerian artist Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, with her series “Princess”. They depict Algerian women who were humiliated during the war but were turned them into resistance icons.  

Rabouan Moussion Gallery (Paris, France)

Rabouan Mouisson

© Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

It’s not Rabouan Moussion gallery’s first attempt. Since its opening in 1988, the gallery has been a reference of contemporary art in Paris. The gallery depicts works revolving around current affairs, they question contemporary societies, their principles, but also famous international artists.Mehdi-Georges Lahlou’s work (see photos above), doesn’t fail to captivate us.

Artco Gallery (Germany)


© Marion Boehm, MABO THANDI, 2017

It’s our favorite solo show of this Art Paris edition! The Artco gallery portrays Mario Boehm’s sensitive work, he definitely makes an impact on the spectators. This German artist currently lives in South Africa, he combines techniques and pays a tribute to women of the Kliptown in an honorable and worthy manner. Boehm has already managed to gain popularity with the public.

ADN Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)


© Kendell Geers


The ADN gallery was conceived as a hybrid platform, a combination of commercial mediation and cultural contribution. For his participation at the Art Paris Art Fair 2017, the gallery wanted to put Africa in the limelight and portray creations of the artist, Kendell Geers seems to be evolving constantly. He is originally from South Africa. He mainly addresses talismans, ritual objects that one can find in several African countries and explores the spiritual strength of these objects.

GNF Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)


© Loïc Pantaly

The GNF Gallery opened its doors only 4 years ago in Brussels. The gallery favors collective exhibitions more than solo ones, as it promotes communication between works and artists. Exchanges are extremely important according to GNF gallery, therefore they possess a residency program and regularly collaborate with the Visual Arts School of Brussels and the Royal College of Arts in London. GNF Gallery puts young contemporary creations in the spotlight, for example Loïc Pantaly (see photo above), a dreamy and poetic invitation.

Baudoin Lebon Gallery (Paris, France)


Ayana V. Jackson, TFB, 2017


Baudoin Lebon Gallery’s selection is definitely one of the best at Art Paris Art Fair. They are extremely committed, due to which they have been successful for the past 40 years.Their favorite medium is photography and have depicted the wonderful creations of Ayana V. Jackson, a true portrayal of Africa’s history ranging from colonization to diaspora. The other mediums demonstrate the gallery’s openness when it comes to art, as they portray creations of several international artists, French, Korean or even South African.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery (London, United Kingdom)

Since its creation, the Rebecca Hossack gallery has gotten off the beaten track. The gallery has become an expert when it comes to promoting artists who aren’t from Western Europe. They are the first gallery to exhibit aboriginal art. As for the European artists, the gallery promotes out of sync or counter-current artists, encouraging them to innovate. The gallery seems to have the same guideline for the Art Paris 2017 edition, their stand is full of surprises!!


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