10 things to know about…Marina Abramovic

It might be useful to discover the artist before seeing one of her shows. We present Marina Abramovic, performance art star, in 10 points.


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Marina Abramovic is the ambassador of body Art, a current that uses the body as a source of inspiration and energy. To achieve her experiments, the artist regularly puts herself in danger: whipped, tied up, frozen, atrophied, Marina Abramovic doesn’t spare her body.

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Marina Abramovic began doing her performances when in her youth. Her first works have a freeing effect: she finally breaks free from the yoke of her strict upbringing.

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Marina Abramovic doesn’t look for the sensational. Through her experiments, she seeks to force the boundaries of her body and spirit. In a broader sense, the artist’s ambition is to prove that humans are freer than they think they are.

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Marina Abramovic has been married for 12 years with the Ulay, a performance artist himself.

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Marina and Ulay have made an unsettling experiment. After having connected their mouths, and took in each other’s exhaled breaths until they had used up all of the available oxygen and suffocated.

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Marina Abramovic explains her risky experiments: ” I’m interested in art that disturbs and pushes the representation of danger. Besides, the observation must be public in the here and now. Keeping attention to the danger that is be at the center of the present moment. “

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Marina Abramovic has been acclaimed for her show “The Artist is present” at the MoMA in 2010. During more than 700 hours, the artist remained seated on a chair, with an empty chair in front of her, as a living painting, waiting for the visitors to sit on the chair and interact with her.

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According to Marina Abramovic, the public is an actor of the artwork. Very often, the spectators coming into contact with her are troubled by the experience: they cry, they laugh, they scream… there is no limit and no rule to the interpretation of their reactions.

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In 2013, Marina Abramovic collaborated with Lady Gaga in order to work on the singer’s sensorial experiences. She also appears in the Jay Z’s video Picasso Baby.

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Adidas has chosen Marina Abramovic as an ambassador of the brand’s campaign during the Football World Cup. The artist explores explore the concept of team spirit and bring the players together in a joint performance.


You can see Marina Abramovic until August 25 at the Serpentine Gallery in London. As for her MoMA show, the artist’s 512-hour performance involves an exchange of energy with the audience.