The works that have marked the History of art

What are the works that have marked the history of (modern and) contemporary art? After moving away from classical art, these revolutions have opened new fields and infinite freedom. Avant-garde, revolutionary, audacious… they all marked a style. Duchamp, Picasso, Christo, Anish Kapoor, JR, have one thing in common; their status of pioneers. Artsper has selected 11 of these works and how they marked the history … Continue reading The works that have marked the History of art

Sculpture and Installation: the best of 2016

How about seeing the big picture! Monumental art, even an extraordinary one, here’s the spectacle offered by the public works, booming in our cities and countrysides. Artsper has returned to the creations of 2016, which has been amusing us for the past few months, followed by a foretaste of the ones, awaiting us in 2017. Public sculptures or installations are destined to make a space … Continue reading Sculpture and Installation: the best of 2016

10 Politically Engaged Artists

Art history has been marked by artists operating on a wavelength different than beauty, channeling the injustices, imbalances, and harsh realities of the lives of those in need to create their art. Contemporary artists continue to address political themes relevant to today, from globalization and climate change to national security and war, attuning their viewers to pressing issues through visual means. In the wake of … Continue reading 10 Politically Engaged Artists