The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record

1 million, 10 millions….60 ? How much can a work of art cost? Many people agree that art does not know crisis, unlike other markets or business, which are naturally linked to the social and economic circumstances. Nevertheless, the fervor and euphoria of 2015 is over and this year prices went down. Claude Monet’s piece Meule ranks  first place in the 2016 sales record, his … Continue reading The Art Market: 2016 Sales Record

Guide to start a contemporary art collection (2/2)

Buying a work of art is still a basic concept to understand and to visualize for most people. Collecting art, on the other hand, is a completely different and much more complex affair. Making your own contemporary art collection is not only based on taste or in an impulse, it needs long term commitment. The idea is to buy what you like, but a collection … Continue reading Guide to start a contemporary art collection (2/2)

Sculpture and Installation: the best of 2016

How about seeing the big picture! Monumental art, even an extraordinary one, here’s the spectacle offered by the public works, booming in our cities and countrysides. Artsper has returned to the creations of 2016, which has been amusing us for the past few months, followed by a foretaste of the ones, awaiting us in 2017. Public sculptures or installations are destined to make a space … Continue reading Sculpture and Installation: the best of 2016

Top 10 of 2016 artistic news

Because of strong political and social twists such as Brexit and the last American elections, 2016 will be held in memories. But the contemporary art world has not been left behind and our team has selected for you its top 10 of art news to remember.  1. The artist Tania Bruguera anounces its candidacy to the presidencial elections  The artist and activist Tania Bruguera is known … Continue reading Top 10 of 2016 artistic news

How can Abstract Expressionism be defined?

From Mark Rothko‘s monochromes to Jackson Pollock’s chaotic paintings… Abstract Expressionism encompasses artists that, at first glance, seem to have nothing in common in their ways of painting. This art movement born in New York after the Second World War propelled its American figures onto the international scene – and lead to the dethronement of Paris as capital of the art world. Today, the artists of … Continue reading How can Abstract Expressionism be defined?

How to encourage children to like art

Is there a minimum age to appreciate contemporary art ? Young children and teenagers are not part of the usual population of contemporary art exhibition venues and fairs and yet many studies show that making children aware of art has many virtues. Indeed, children are blessed with an immense creativity that awareness of art can, amongst many other things, allow them to preserve into adulthood. … Continue reading How to encourage children to like art

The women of modern art history forgot

How many female artists in modern art can you enumerate ? Even though they participated in art history on the same level as their opposite sex counterparts, female artists have not always been acknowledged as much as they deserved to be. For a long time excluded from art schools and probably even more galleries and museums, they practically had no platform to exhibit their work … Continue reading The women of modern art history forgot

Swab Barcelona: Diversity

Discovery. “Break with the elitist and hermetic idea that governs the contemporary art scene, to make it more accessible to the greater public.” Be a Swabber ! Four days in Barcelona. SWAB. Dynamic and panoramic, the ninth run of the Barcelonian contemporary art salon has grown since 2006 and offers, each year, a new outlook of the contemporary artistic scene. Discovery. Swab on paper, focus … Continue reading Swab Barcelona: Diversity

Street art worldwide: Fanzara, Spain

“A wall is a very big weapon. It’s one of the nastiest things you can hit someone with.” Banksy Street art is a visual art created in public spaces that allows artists to communicate directly with a large audience, and thus to escape the traditional artistic circuits. Even though walls are the preferred support of street artists, at its start, when it only encompassed graffiti art, … Continue reading Street art worldwide: Fanzara, Spain