Here’s what you should do this week-end

Each week, Artsper reveals cutting edge contemporary Art. For the long week-end, next stop Frac Ile-de-France, MoMa, Berengo foundation. In the evening, head for the galleries in the Marais quarter, with Jeudis Arty. Let’s hit the road!


Jeudis Arty – Nocturnal in the galleries of the Marais quarter


A nocturnal in galleries of the Marais quarter awaits you this month. A unifying and groundbreaking meeting, Jeudis Arty, is an experience for everyone, you can even take advantage of secret visits and meet artists. The celebrations ends at Carreau du Temple, where an “arty party” awaits you, not to mention unprecedented performances and many more surprises….

Positives? Free
When? Thursday 1st June 6pm till midnight
Where? Carreau du Temple + galleries

FRAC Ile de France. Kaye Donachie, Behind her eyelids

Kaye-Donachie-Untitled-2015-cm.-21x29_webKaye Donachie, ‘Behind her eyelids she sees something’, 2015 © Kaye Donachie. Courtesy Ribot Gallery, Milan

At FRAC ile de France, fans of impressionism, literature or groundbreaking feminine history will relish the pictorial fusion created by Kaye Donachie, a British artist. The artist mixes feminine faces from the reformist current, the images begin to look like shadows of mental landscapes. While feelings play around with literary and historic references, the spectator brushes past these harmoniously.

Where? Le Plateau, 22 rue des Alouettes, 75019 Paris
When? Until 23rd July


Marseille – Waste of life in Mucem  


Exhibition view of waste of life – Sorting rags in Tunisia © Mucem

This topic wasn’t really explored during the political campaign, MuCEM puts ecological stakes in the limelight, an indicator of the current crisis. Through an aesthetic and educative filter, the works become part of our lifestyles, consumption and production. Our garbage is in the cross hairs, revealing a new face through a production and processing of various types of rubbish, depending on the society. One leaves the museum with some perspicacity, pertaining to the consequences of our micro-gestures in our daily lives, here’s a salutary gesture of an exhibition, an absolute must-see!

MuCEM, 7 Promenade Robert Laffont, 13002 Marseille
When? Until 14th August 2017

VENICE – Murano Island. Loris Gréaud,  « The Unplayed Notes Factory » at Fondazione Berengo

greaud_tunf_Venise_3_72 (1)

Loris Gréaud The Unplayed Notes Factory, 2017. Photo: Greaudstudio  © Loris Gréaud, Greaudstudio

A few steps away from the buzzing Venice Biennial, the young artist Loris Gréaud, half visual artist, half alchemist, transforms a former glass factory into a living artwork. Under Nicolas Bourriaud’s commission, this intense experience sways between bewitchment and turmoil. In keeping with his legendary film Sculpt, the visual artist has turned out to be an elusive figure, by trying to capture us.

When? Fondazione Berengo, Campo Santo Stefano, 2847, 30141 San Marco, Venice VE, Italy
Where? Until 26th November

New York. Robert Rauschenberg : Among friends at MOMA


Examining the gap between art and life, this is Robert Rauschenberg’s way of functioning. An American visual artist, he passed away in 2005. At the zenith of the abstract expressionism current in painting, the painter sketches out multidisciplinary creations, by collaborating with dancers, musicians, writers…Therefore, MoMa invites “its renowned friends”, like John Cagen, Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, and many more. A peculiarly creative artist, exhibiting 250 paintings, numerous drawings at crossroads with his sculptures, etchings, photos not to mention sound and video recordings;

Where? MoMa, 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA
When? Until 17th September 2017