Artstyle 19 Sep 2017

A new Artsper

For several years, we’ve been helping you discover and purchase artwork through our catalogue of 55,000 works from the best galleries in Europe. Today we are proud to present the new Artsper. Thanks to a new design, better features and improved navigation, it will now be easier than ever to find works based on your preferences.

A sleek and high-end website design

To give you the best navigation experience, Artsper has a adopted a brand new sleek, high-end and dynamic design. This change is illustrated by a new logo and a new graphic identity. Made up of black, white and shades of gray, our new colour palette brings a more sophisticated edge to our site, all while providing a neutral background that enhances the presentation of the artworks.  

A more intuitive and personalised website

Completely redesigned to adapt to your tastes, this brand new website also makes it easier for you to find works you love. Our new homepage makes it easier to navigate our website and provides suggested artworks based on your preferences as well as a selection curated by our experts.

Here are some of our new features:

Main menu: Explore more than 10 new artwork categories such as watercolour, landscape photography and abstract drawing.

An Artsper that adapts to you: the more you explore Artsper, the more we learn about your tastes. Our catalogue of works in each “category” and the section “Bestsellers” is now made up of a personalised selection based on your preferences.

Your account now has two new features: The quiz “what type of collector are you?” will help us better understand your tastes and your budget and the new page “For you” provides a selection of works based on your preferences and new works added to Artsper.

About Artsper

About Artsper

Founded in 2013, Artsper is an online marketplace for contemporary art. Partnering with 1,800 professional art galleries around the world, it makes discovering and acquiring art accessible to all.

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