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Why you need to go to Brown's London Art Weekend
Artstyle 26 Jun 2015

Why you need to go to Brown's London Art Weekend


{What, when and where ?}

If you are an art lover, my guess is you already know the neigbourhood. If you don’t, it is going to be your favourite new spot! Mayfair has been London’s hot spot for art galleries for more than 150 years now. It has attracted and welcomed all the world’s greatest art collectors thanks to the quality and the diversity of its galleries.

The place is already very exciting as it is for an art lover, and this weekend it will be even more ! For the 2nd year, Brown’s Hotel organises Brown’s London Art Weekend from the 3rd to the 5th of July , which features over 100 galleries and auction houses of the neighbourhood opening their doors at the same time for special events : talks, private tours, openings, performances, and so on. This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to explore the capital’s greatest art galleries !

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{What you should absolutely not miss at BLAW this year}

  1. Brown’s Hotel specialist art talks

On Saturday the 4th, Brown’s will host talks for novice art lovers in order to help them in the process of acquiring artworks. Kate Bryan, lecturer and guide for Art History UK, will lead two talks on « Understanding Contemporary Art » and « How to buy contemporary art ». As she works with 140 galleries across the world, she will present the mechanism of how to buy art, why people start collections and will also give tips and insider knowledge about the global art market.

In the afternoon, there will be a Master Class in the Art of Interiors. A panel of experts from the worlds of contemporary art and interior design will discuss the artistry of interiors. Whether an interior designer or a home owner, we all face multiple decisions when considering art for interior environment. The panel will consider where to start and what makes an artwork right for a home.

Brown's Saturday Art Tour Feb 2015

  1. For the modern art amateurs: Connaught Brown Gallery 

This is an absolute must. The gallery just started their Summer Exhibition, which means you will get to see original paintings by Pissaro, Matisse and Picasso in a private gallery rather than in a crowded museum !

  1. For the photography fans : Beetles and Huxley Gallery

Beetles + Huxley will host the first major UK exhibition of Paulette Tavormina, a US artist. Sumptuous, luscious and haunting, Tavormina’s photography is much more than still life. Deriving from a set of influences that owes more to the art of the 17th century than that of the present, Tavormina’s work takes precedent from the Golden Age of still life painting. This summer’s retrospective will show her work to be part of a trend in contemporary photography towards reclaiming genres of art that have previously been the reserve of more traditional mediums.

  1. For sculpture amateurs : Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House, known for its broad and critically acclaimed program of exhibitions, will open its brand new exhibition for Brown’s London Art Weekend, « Mother Mould » by Jane McAdam Freud. Highly influenced by her family history, Jane McAdam based this exhibition on her great grandfather’s theories, whom you might also know as Sigmund Freud. She explores the sexuality and the unconscious influence throughout her sculptures. You will be welcomed by a young and dynamic team!

  1. To discover new influences: Erarta Galleries London 

During the weekend you’ll find some of the galleries are also hosting some fascinating free talks. Matthew Burgess, Manager at Erarta, will talk about the latest trends in Russian contemporary art as well as introducing guests to some of the truly great artists emerging from Russia such as AES + F and Pavel Brat. He will also talk about Erarta’s involvement in the contemporary art scene both in London and abroad from the Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg, including upcoming exhibitions of emerging artists.

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  1. To recover energy: Mark Hix special menu.

The director of food at Brown’s hotel designed in collaboration with artists a menu that echoes works exhibited in the restaurant!

There will be many more tours and talks in the galleries, you should check out the Brown’s London Art Weekend’s website for more information.

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