Interview with Guglielmo Alfarone

1) Artsper : You’ll be performing during Art Up. Can you tell us more about this performance ?

Guglielmo Alfarone : I can say will be a portrait but I do not like to uncover more about any performance previous the event as the curiosity is an essential part of my work. Initially the public will look at a blank canvas, and although the base is prepared I would lie saying that I’ll be not surprised by the outcome as much as any other person present there. The colour will be sprayed in order to create the shadow and disclose the image on the background, that will appear, stage after stage, under the public eyes.

2 ) Why do you like so much performing in public ? Do you feel a connection with the audience ?

Exhibiting in public give me the chance to show my process, as my technique is quite unique. In a finished painting you would not notice the essential tool; the wax.  The dripping is the result and the wax is the beginning of the process. I like to see the reaction of people, capturing them attention with the Art process. Each drop has a meaning for each person that waits to see wherever the drop goes and what it will shows; and the painting will appears, as in a magic show.

 3 ) Why did you choose this medium (paint spray) ?

I have been painting with traditional mediums for many years until I started experimenting and I finally found that the wax and spray were giving the results I was looking for. I found the beauty in the causality, filling shadows with droppings.

4 ) You seem to have an obsession with portraits? Can you provide any explication?

 I never though about this as an obsession, but yes; I am always been attracted by faces. Not ordinary beauty but more unusual details. I can see in a person, a face, and feel the necessity of exploring it by paint, the need of investigate. This is my way to go deeper in a person, looking for a side that maybe even the sitter does not know to have.

5 ) To what extend do you think street art can invest galleries ?

 Street Art is made by real Artists, is a practice that want to involve the public outside the usual network, but yet is still and Art and so a practice. I think Gallerists have the duty to support this practice as one of the main and most contemporary form of Art in our society. This I believe should be the main focus of a great Gallerist; discover, support and encourage the nowadays talents. Even if a Street Art work belong to the street and nowhere else, the practice of the Street Artist can still fit in a Gallery, exploring other way around, par example trough graphic art, photos, video, installation and projects.

6 ) Who is your main inspiration ?

I take inspiration everywhere, I observe faces all the time, every day I felt in love with many different characters, and my imagination works in order to combine all those elements together to find exactly the face I need. I started investigating my own background trough the society we leave in. Exploring the faces of people around me, young as me, each one with them own history as well as each one part of the same society.

7 ) What do you think about selling artworks online ?

 I think is a great platform to promote art and artists at different levels. I love the fact that everybody can approach art discovering and visiting art all around the world. Of course I still believe that the impact you have from a live view cannot be compare to the image passed by a screen, but mainly it depend on the form of art you want to offer. Par example the graphic art spreads more and more in the last few years I believe thanks to the potential develop trough the network, and even as more approachable form of art.