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Artstyle 16 Nov 2013

Interview with Kate Barry

She looks a lot like her mother, Jane Birkin, but stays out of the limelight. It is with her camera that she captures light. She is Kate Barry. This week, Artsper had the privilege to ask her a few questions. This is the opportunity to find out more about her work and her career.

Artsper  –You started up in the fashion world before switching to photography. How are these two worlds connected? What do they allow you to express?
I mostly take portraits of women and of clothes, and clothes have a look and a feel, the same way women do. They can be broken or they can allow the finding of a certain accuracy.

Artsper- Your photographs often show women, living subjects; what is your approach?
I don’t have a particular approach; it just comes out of necessity, of the need for a space to create my own universe.

Artsper- How did you get the idea to take photographs in Dinard out of season? Why Brittany?
It was Jean Rolin who gave me the idea, because he lived there during his childhood. Also, it all happened right after I lost my father and this project resonated in me.

Artsper –Who is your favorite artist right now?
There are so many things I see and then miss, that honestly, I won’t be able to give you an answer. I have rather classical references.

Artsper – Photography is a language like any other,Wittgenstein said “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”, how would you define your language?
It is a language that I find difficult to express.

Artsper- You are a photographer, how is your relationship with the new media?
They have opened up a great visibility and great communication possibilities.

Artsper – For how long have you been collaborating with Ze Art Galerie ? What do you think of their decision to collaborate with Artsper?
I have been collaborating with Laetitia since 2012 and I think her approach is legitimate.

Find out more about Kate Barry’s work here.

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