Interview with Johan Tamer, director of Slick Art FAir

Artsper is a partner of the 8th edition of Slick and you can find on our website a selection of works featured in the fair that are for sale. We had the opportunity to meet Johan Tamer-Morael, the Director of Slick, and he shared with us his vision of the fair, in a few anecdotes.


Artsper: This is the 8th edition of Slick, can you tell us a little about the beginnings of your fair? What drove you to create this event?
SLICK exists since October 2006. It was one of the first satellite fairs. It was created because we wanted to offer an alternative for young galleries who didn’t find their place in large fairs that are often very expensive and focused on the art market. So we created a small-scale fair, friendlier and dynamic, that offers a selection of very young galleries. This is how we became a stepping-stone for galleries.

A: Why did you decide to change the location of the fair and rather occupy the banks of the Seine?
We have chosen to change our strategy this year. We have decided to get closer to the main fair, in order to be the closest possible from the event. We think that our event will complete the FIAC. Let’s not forget we always need someone smaller than us!

A: So geographically, you are even closer to the FIAC this year, but what is actually your connection to the fair?
There is a connection between the fairs. Even if it is not on paper, it exists. This year for example, the FIAC occupies, through its off-site programs, the banks of the Seine. So we share the same space.

A: Except from this change of location, what’s new at this edition? Could you tell us a little more about the Slick Projects?
There are many new galleries who take part in the fair for the first time. And it is a great pleasure for us to welcome them. We hope they’ll be as successful as they deserve to be! We have been developing the project side of the fair more and more. A jury composed of 6 important collectors will offer a prize to an artist having worked on a project. We also work with radio NOVA and they will broadcast a show, live from the fair!

A: After having launched the Brussels edition of the fair in 2012, do you want to continue developing internationally? Are you thinking of launching an American edition?
We have many requests from people who would like us to launch editions in their countries, but for the moment we want to strengthen our 2 existing annual events. But in the future, why not? I think we need 3 more years before launching new editions, though.

A: What was your nicest artistic find of all the editions of the fair?
I’ll never forget our first fair. It was full of emotions and ambition. I think mainly of a gallery from New York, Envoy, who has shown a German artist, Christoph Broich.

A: Are you a collector yourself?
I try to buy art as often as I can, but I wouldn’t call myself a collector yet. I sometimes let myself be seduced by an artwork and buy it. I like that!

A: What do you think of the Artsper project?
I think that the project was very well conceived. Artsper is evolving in the good direction. The team is motivated and I think they have a bright future in front of them.