Interview with Adeline Keit from Art Elysees

Artsper is a partner of the 7th edition of the Art Elysées fair that opens this Thursday. This was the occasion for us to meet…. She shared with us her vision about the fair…


Artsper: This is the 7th edition of Art Elysées, could you tell us more about the beginnings of your fair? What drove you to create this event?
Adeline Keit: The Art Elysées fair was the result of meeting Joël Garcia, president and founder of the Art Elysées fair, and Baudoin Lebon, art dealer and Creative Director of the fair. Joël Garcia wanted to create a prestigious event on the famous Champs Elysées Avenue, and Baudoin Lebon wished to offer the possibility to take part in events in Paris to galleries who didn’t have the opportunity to participate in art fairs in order to promote their artists.

A: Why did you choose to orientate the fair towards modern art?
Adeline Keit: At first, we wanted to answer the high demand of modern art galleries, but we also wanted create a strong position for ourselves and be significantly different from other Parisian fairs.

A: What’s new at this year’s edition?
Adeline Keit: The rate of exhibitors who renew their participation is of 20%, and we decided to put an emphasis on geometric abstraction through the presence of galleries such as Espace Meyer Zafra, Lélia Mordoch, RCM, Messine… But there are also newcomers: the Hérvé Perdiolle-Indes Gallery, specialized in Indian art, or the Tanit from Beyrouth, who promotes contemporary Arab artists…

A: How is your association with Design Elysées going? Does this partnership allow you to bring a different audience to the fair?
Adeline Keit:  It is not a partnership, it is actually the same fair, but specialized in 20th century interior design, and we wanted it to be separate from the modern and contemporary art section. This way, we can offer a complete overview of 20th century art.

A: Why did you choose to dedicate an exhibition space to the artist Christian Renonciat?
Adeline Keit: We have chosen the sculptor Christian Renonciat because every year, we offer our visitors unique shows; for the previous editions, these shows were focused on modern art, in order to be consistent with the positioning of the fair. The Directors of Art Elysée and the Creative Committee fell in love with the artist’s work and they also wanted to show the work of a contemporary artist. For this edition, Christian Renonciat created a composition of eight large format panels.

A: What is the role of the Baudoin Lebon Gallery in the Art Elysées team?
Baudoin Lebon is one of the founders of the Art Elysées fair, he is the Creative Director and the President of the Selection Committee; this committee is composed of Michèle Berthet-Aittouares, Christine Kandler, Claude Mollard, Pierre Sébastien, Robert Vifian.

A: Are you a collector yourself?
Adeline Keit: Of course, it would be difficult to organize an event dedicated to art if I wasn’t a collector myself.

A: What do you think of the Artsper project?
Adeline Keit: I think that the Artsper idea is extremely beneficial to the art professionals, and especially to galleries who need to develop their communication more and more. We are at a moment when galleries need to rethink their functioning and the way they work and, of course, the way they communicate. So I think Artsper can be of great help to art galleries.