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Contemporary Art in Marseille: 10 Things to Do
Artstyle 09 Jun 2015

Contemporary Art in Marseille: 10 Things to Do

Contemporary art in Marseille is a culture you will want to discover. Marseille, the oldest city in France, is now a cultural gem that is often overlooked. We must not confuse the city that is seen at the 20h TF1, accompanied by anxiety-producing music, and one that engages our eyes with peaceful, warm and undeniable charms. The Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille has a burgeoning and promising artistic offering.
Artsper selected 10 not-to-miss places for you to explore contemporary art in Marseille!

{The Friche Belle de Mai}

A bit away from downtown is 45,000 m² dedicated to contemporary creation, street art and artistic experimentation that is available to visitors. There is complete intellectual elitism up to the city which expresses creation, youth, truism, simplicity and purism. The space will be innovative and completely connected to the political, economic and social environment, whether immediate (neighborhood and city) or distant (France and the rest of the world).

In addition to the areas dedicated to artistic creation which are in essence work spaces (artist studios and offices for artistic operators) and broadcast areas (theaters, concerts, exhibition), the Wasteland offers open areas like the skate park, garden area, farmer’s market and restaurants, and even a crèche for babies in the neighborhood!

The Wasteland finally affirms culture as an “economy” and not as “an exception”. Culture is inevitably a factor of development. Development that is economic and social; economic because culture is a market where we buy and are sold in a production but it certainly is not an economic approach. It is social because culture is a space where the essential questions now arise, in political terms, about our society.

You can also discover artistic associations and residences such as Triangle France, Astérides and Sextant, and the people who have invested into building The Wasteland. Come and party in this former Tobacco Factory after a busy day in exhibitions of contemporary art in Marseille!

41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille.

Find the program here


Suspended between the sky and water, floating at the entrance of Old Port of Marseille, is the MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations), the first museum dedicated to the richest cultural basin of the world. Facing the sea, this museum is, by its location, a great project for the Mediterranean where it redraws the horizon. It is now a meeting point between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

More than a museum, MuCEM is a true cultural city based on all the disciplines of the human sciences and mobilizes all artistic expressions. It is a space for dialogue that opens the page in common history and explores contemporary issues.

It is the social, political and religious place to be in the Mediterranean; again, this area is under the eyes of the world. While civil societies and cultural actors are moving forward, the MuCEM investigates Mediterranean issues. Using handmade crafts, classical art and contemporary artists, MuCEM offers a rich and enriching program that is imperative to discover.

Promenade Louis Brauquier, 13002 Marseille

Find the full program here

{Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille}

It is basically a small garden, an orange facade with a panel hung in the air; you’re in an important landmark of contemporary art in Marseilles. The Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art has developed a rich and varied collection including works by Arman, Chris Burden, Robert Rauschenberg, Martial Raysse, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely and more.

These names may mean nothing to you, yet they are the greatest artists of tomorrow! This is because the [mac] is not just trying to hang a few lithographs by world-famous artists like (Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein)or cruelly go into debt to acquire some of their paintings. No, the [mac] unearths the innovations of contemporary creation and presents a broad and qualitative overview of contemporary art in Marseille.

With a sharp eye, the [mac] now has a collection of contemporary art that is very promising and well laid out. Divided into two themed areas, the permanent collection invites visitors to explore its relationship with the first area and then initiates visitors into introspection on their body and mind. Chapeau!

69 Avenue de Haïfa, 13008 Marseille

Find the full program here

{The tours of contemporary art in Marseille}

The Marseille Expos offers tours as well as escorted tours in several neighborhoods. These footpaths connect several exhibition areas and allow you to discover the most diverse artistic proposals among them. It also gives the opportunity to browse the city differently and enrich the visitor’s experience through the exchange and the intersection of styles.

These tours are free but you must register with Paula circuits@marseilleexpos.com or phone 095 071 1354.

Next dates :

    • 06 JUNE 2015 : Tour N°10 [Straat Galerie //Shared Territories Gallery // Roundabout Project // Vol de Nuits • Departure: 15:00h • M2 stop at Our Lady of Mount
    • 13 JUNE 2015 : Tour N°11 [Diagonales 61 // OÙ lieu d’exposition pour l’art actuel // Carrier Aircraft Gallery // Château de Servières • Departure: 15:00h • T2 Stop at Palais Longchamp
    • 20 JUNE2015 : Tour N°13 [Hydrib – Le tramway prend l’art // 5th Gallery // Meyer Gallery // Bea Ba Gallery • Departure: 15:00h • M1stop in Estrangin Prefecture

Find the rest of the program on the Spring Contemporary Art site here.



After spending 30 years in the heart of the shopping district in Marseille, FRAC is now located in a building with an unusual appearance in the district of Joliette. With the aim to collect contemporary art, temporary exhibitions programs (and other events) and to raise public awareness, it continues its mission with the few resources allocated to it.

“The FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has engaged over twenty years of prospecting work and supporting young artists, enabling it to have a representative collection of major trends in contemporary creation at an international level ” this extract can be read on the website in the prehistoric appearance section. We regret that the description lacks the dynamism compared to its artistic ambition.

20 Boulevard de Dunkerque.

{Château de Servières}

The Château de Servières Association is an artist’s workshop dedicated to contemporary art in Marseille. However, do not expect a castle as the name is misleading; it is an artists’ residence in an unpretentious neighborhood. But it is a unique opportunity to work with young and established artists with a friendly approach to contemporary art. It is also possible to buy their works at the end of the visit or the following weekend.

The visits are made only by appointment only.

11-19 Boulevard Boisson 13004 Marseille.

Find the program here


{University of Art and Design}

The University of Art and Design in Marseille offers a nice selection of productions of its students. Located in different places, the exhibitions of the student artists, residents and graduates are often worth a look. They are especially made for the MAD Gallery, the gallery of the School located at 30 bis boulevard Chave, which hosts six exhibitions a year by its students as well as in the space outside the walls, 20 Saint-Antoine Street.

Find the program here

{Lieu de création, La compagnie}

The company’s location is a structure dedicated to new writing, with particular focus in contemporary images in its multiple and heterogeneous dimensions. Its activities (creation, exhibitions and meetings) aim in their diversity to blur the boundaries that are inseparable from social practices and knowledge created by gaps, real and imaginary.

More concretely, it supports young artists in the region with four major annual exhibitions, creative workshops, dialogues and meetings with stakeholders from the art world. Specificity in the visual arts (photography, video, film and productions), works and projects that are undertaken may go through writing, poetry, body work / dance, performance and sound mediums.

19 Rue Francis de Pressensé, 13001 Marseille.

{Rond Point Project}

Rond-Point Project is a platform for artistic and curatorial projects; exhibitions, events, publications, project productions locally and / or in public areas, places that previously were not intended for contemporary art and on the Internet.

Rond Point Project is taking risks with their singular exchanges. Check all their programs and events that are complex and intellectual.

{Artsper gallery partners for contemporary art in Marseille}

The Artsper gallery partners also welcome you to make you to discover contemporary art Marseille. Find their profiles below and we recommend the apartment for your accommodation; it is an art-gallery or hotel each room is unique and allows you to discover contemporary art which is ready for purchase.

Stammegna Gallery

Gallery – Hotel Apartment

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