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Artstyle 25 Feb 2015

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is now developed in many fields, especially in art. AR is the answer to decisive everyday questions. It allows us to access a richer materiality. Combined with the qualities that internet offers, the possibilities are infinite. Through a sophisticated technology that integrates in our environment, 2D or 3D objects in real time and scale, augmented reality will change our perception of space and how we apprehend it. More than ever, art and new technologies unite through augmented reality, revolutionizing the world of art.

Augmented reality in your home

A piece of artwork has caught your eye and you didn’t acquire it immediately. You have thought about it, you can see it in your living room. However, you start having doubts and new criteria come into play like the size, the color or even the visual aspect of the medium in your interior. What will it look like in the end? The use of augmented reality offers you an incredible opportunity. It allows you to project the artwork life-size in your interior from your smartphone or your digital tablet. You can manipulate a painting or a sculpture as you please and project it on any surface. This technology makes art more accessible by answering a natural hesitations before the purchase.

The mobile application Augment uses augmented reality. It is free, you can try it now on your smartphone or tablet. Check it out on http://www.augmentedev.com

About Artsper

About Artsper

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