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Art Lovers: the 10 applications you need to know about
Artstyle 10 Jul 2017

Art Lovers: the 10 applications you need to know about

Google Art and Culture

Looking for original art?  Or stories about your favourite paintings? Or maybe the title of the work in front of you? Here is a short guide to the best art applications that you need in your life

1. The Shazam of Art : Magnus


Magnus visually recognizes works of art and enables you to discover the artist, title, and date of any work of art you see. An artist at heart or a drastic collector, you can even increase the size of their catalog by recording and photographing your own collection.

The best part? Magnus gives you the address of the gallery where the piece you like can be found.

2. Alternative Art : Divercities


Recommended for local specialists on the lookout, Divercities lists and locates independent and emerging hotspots, scattered throughout big cities (Paris, BXL, Marseille, Lyon…), this application also includes videos, music, podcasts and articles to help you learn more about the city and its culture. Also very helpful is its events schedule, access to tickets and personalized music radios.

Our favourite bit? Thematic journeys off the beaten track, which help you make the most of the city you’re in, whether you be a local or a tourist.

3. Art by Anecdotes : Artips


Artips makes history of art more accessible than ever. You can sign up to its newsletter and learn about art history in small anecdotal bite-sized emails. The application also lets you in on the best kept secrets of major museums, exhibitions, cultural places and artists.

It combines education with ease of use and fun – what’s not to like?

4. The Gallery Agenda : Ricard Foundation


The Ricard Corporate Foundation excels in many areas: it has a great exhibition space offering a sharp exhibition program and avant-garde conferences (poetry, partitions). Its application doesn’t disappoint. It acts as a roadmap to Parisian galleries and includes a ‘How to’ for art galleries, an agenda for 71 Parisian Galleries, a map to locate them, and an alert to signal upcoming events.

Check out the ‘Best Before’ section to learn about the art world’s renowned crowd talk about their three “favorite” exhibitions.

5. The magazine : Beaux Arts

Application magazine Beaux Arts

The first French cultural and artistic magazine, Beaux Arts Magazine, is now on internet. Sharp and pedagogical, the relevant and eclectic content adopts a transversal view of art. Accompanied by insights about emerging artists and the most famous, the application navigates, with dexterity, through art movements, exhibitions, mediums and eras…

This is app is great for getting a panoramic view of art.

6. The Library : Google Arts & Culture

Google art and culture

1000 museums, 70 countries together in one smartphone, created by Google Arts and Culture. This application, immerses users in the history of art from its very beginning to the contemporary art of today. The application lists 57, 000 art works across a huge range of styles and centuries. You can search by artistic movement, alphabetical or chronological order. Each page includes a short biography of the artist, a catalog of his works and a list of related exhibitions and suggestions.

What’s more is that you can even zoom into the artworks and discover them in their most minute detail.

7. Institutional Agenda : Exponaute


Exponaute started as a website but the app is a very useful tool to have in your pocket. With the myriad of art events taking place, Exponaute selects for you some of the best exhibitions in French, Swiss and Belgian museums and galleries. Synthetic summaries will satisfy the most demanding, and all the information you need to get there (opening times, location etc) is right at your fingertips. The magazine provides articles about each event and adds a layer of depth to your visits.

This is the perfect app for busy people who need to to optimize their time.


culture secret

A private application, where the quality and the relevance of the services have to meet the requirements of a selection committee that reviews all invitation requests. A sharp program, privileged access is what makes up CultureSecrets, a private circle where passion is the common denominator. The community gets together for private visits to exhibitions and events, theaters, concerts. Just to give an example, a visit to the studio of artist Orlan or a theater premiere, a bohemian stroll explained by the experts of “Des Mots et des Arts”, numerous concert and more.

This app combines the unusual with exclusivity.


Application TravelByArt

Far from the Paris of postcards, Travelbyart follows in the footsteps of writers, painters, poets, such as Hugo, Pissarro and Rimbaud… Who gave form to the city of lights.

Their journeys are accompanied by extensive stories and visits to artist’s homes and favourite haunts. Explore the works of Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde or Edith Piaf. The “Chronology” section tells their stories as they happened. Travelbyart lets us get a feel for the Belle Epoque.

10. Landscapes with Sound: Soundways

Application Soundways

An enhanced (acoustic) reality. Powered by the group MU after much research and experimentation, SoundWays, allows us to add sound to the space that we walkthrough, creating an immersive experience. The sound track geolocated with 3D sounds, goes from the Quai de Valmy, Jaures, Bobigny and the Grands Moulins to Pantin, the layout runs like a long wire along the Ourcq Canal, along seven kilometers. Hundreds of bubbles give rhythm to an urban synesthesia and symbiotic stroll.

The app lets you unleash your own creativity with the option of creating your own mix and submitting it to the public.