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All You Need to Know About Urban Art Fair
Artstyle 29 Apr 2022

All You Need to Know About Urban Art Fair

Are you fascinated by the expansive world of urban art? If so, Urban Art Fair is the event for you… Artsper is taking you on a tour of the world’s premier urban art event. Together, let’s explore the 2022 edition of the fair! 

The history of the fair

First launched in 2016 by Yannick Boesso, Urban Art Fair, an official Artsper partner, is the first international fair dedicated to urban art. After stepping back from his career in the music industry, Boesso looked for a new source of inspiration. After watching Banksy’s documentary, Exit Through the Giftshop, he was fascinated by the boundless artistic sensibilities and imagination of urban artists, most specifically their direct impact on popular culture and society. Upon discovering a gallery that represented artists such as Stanley Donwood, Banksy, and Invader, Boesso desired to create a cultural event committed to the urban art marketplace, which hadn’t existed before this very moment in time.

An exciting program

Urban Art Fair
Urban Art Fair, 2020 © Urban Art Fair

Urban Art Fair returns May 12-15, 2022, to the Carreau du Temple, in the heart of Paris. The 2022 edition will welcome approximately 30 galleries, exhibiting more than 200 artists from all over the world. It is an event aimed at urban art market beginners, distinguished enthusiasts, and avid collectors. A lively event, filled with vivid installations and performances, the fair continues to grow its live program for the 2022 edition. 

For 4 days, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the fair through its fruitful program: outdoor installations, workshops for children, online catalogs, limited editions, private visits, and performances. This year, the fair will pay special attention to a growing medium throughout the entire art market: NFTs, through organized conferences and partnerships. Also, for the 2022 edition, the fair is developing a larger outdoor space. This setting will be the backdrop used uniquely for paintings, an addition to the program as a result of the collaboration with the Agnès B Foundation. The fair will also present a selection of short films from the Urban Films Festival. Beyond the program, organizers are committed to the process of self-reflection and renewal. Because of this approximately 30% of participating galleries for the 2022 edition are new to the fair. 

A diverse catalog of artists

Urban Art Fair
Urban Art Fair, 2019 © Urban Art Fair

Since its conception, the fair has aimed to support and uplight the vast diversity and richness of urban creation. Similar to Artsper, Urban Art Fair uplifts urban artists at all stages of their careers, from emerging artists to grandmasters. It is the perfect backdrop for collectors, professionals, and art enthusiasts to network, exchange, and discover an array of talent.

Do you want to take a tour of the fair?

For the second time in its history, the unmissable event for street art lovers will take place both physically and digitally, in partnership with Artsper! Are you unable to travel to Paris but wish to explore the fair? Our art specialists have you covered. Explore a special, online edition of the fair on Artsper!