8 Essential Applications for Art Lovers

Art available in just one clic on your smartphone ! Whether you are looking for the nearest exhibition or detailed information on artists or even collections of great masterpeices, they are accessible from your mobile. Artsper has selected for you 8 applications that are essential for art enthusias

{Louvre Official Application }


Découvrez le musée et ses plus belles œuvres sur l’application officielle du musée à télécharger sur votre smartphone. Louvre app offre :

Download the Louvre application on your smartphone. Discover the museum and some of its best work on the official app of the museum. With this app you will access :

– 100 masterpieces of the Louvre available on your own phone. From Greek sculptures to Titien paintings, Raphael and Leonardo de Vinci.

– More than 500 pictures and details to focus on.

– A virtual visit of the palace and a description of its history.

– The option to share your favorite artworks on facebook or email.

– A regular update on important events of the museum.

– This app also exists in HD version, where 150 masterpieces are available, commented by experts and HD resolution images.

{Exponaute application}


Access all information on exhibitions and museums of France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Exponaute app offers :

– A database of more than 10 000 exhibitions and 5 000 locations.

– Exhibitions, museums and galleries near you

– Press and exponaute members opinion on each exhibitions

– Visuals to have an idea of the exhibition

– Practical information to access a location (address, opening hours, contacts…)- Purchasing priority tickets

– Everyday news about exhibitions and museums

{Art Envi}


Art Envi turns your smartphone into your own art gallery, with collections from the world’s best artists. It provides you :

–  easy, full-screen access to thousands masterpieces

– artworks  indexed by artist

– full description and bio of the artist

– high resolution screen,

– multi-touch control, automated slide shows

– option to add music to make your artistic experience even more enjoyable



The new iPhone application Artnear, derived from application Hopnear, serves as a global art guide that provides immediate access to information on current exhibitions all around the world. With only your Iphone, you can locate the nearest venues and search current and upcoming events by any artist. When planning your next journey, consult the calendar for a list of the exhibitions near you.

{Art Authority}


Art Authority is a complete collection of works by over 1,000 of renowned artists, from ancient times to today. Filtered by period, location and artist, Art Authority’s 70,000+ paintings and sculptures are downloaded as needed and organized chronologically, with detailed captioning. Complete information about the artists and works is also available.

From the earliest masterpieces to the latest contemporary works, Art Authority offers a remarkably displayed, expertly selected, well organized view of the western art.

– Access to 20GB worth of art

– Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary periods

– Special section on American art

– Highlights for each period

– Index to all artists

– Art Near Me: search for art based on your location




Reveal the inner Jackson Pollock in you and impress your friends with this fun application that allows you to paint like Pollock on your smartphone.


{Travel by art}


Explore Paris through the eyes of famous artists, writers and creators. Discover fascinating stories and enter secret places of the artists who lived in Paris and molded modern culture.

Follow in the footsteps of Ernest hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf and other famous personalities. Learn about them through their work, books, poems, paintings, music and films. Experience unique tours revealing their everyday lives in Paris.

With TravelByArt:

– Access to more than 20 carefully designed tours exploring the lives of legendary artists in Paris

– Read extracts from books, analyze famous artworks, and be captivated by beautiful archive photos

– Discover the lives of artists with the “Chronology” feature, a year by year description of their story.

{My Paris Street Art}


« My Paris Street Art » est une application mobile qui propose une ballade parisienne pas comme les autres !

My Paris Street Art is a mobile application that offers a singular tour of paris’ street art scene.

– Locate the best of parisiant street art in one clic !

– Graffitis are referenced and are completed with a detailed description

– According to your location, this app spots the referenced street art near you.

This App offers the possibility to add on your own favorite spot to share them with the community and enrich the app’s map.