Our favourite artworks from this week

Artsper has selected for you 10 images of strong visual content that we saw this week!

The Kid - Bryan & David - copie

Bryan & David, The Kid

Bic pen on paper, Private collection

China 798 art centre

Baby on tank, Unknown, 798 Bejing

le couteau et l'oiseau - youssef abdellek - copie

Le couteau et l’oiseau (The knife and the bird), Youssef Abdelke

Charcoal on paper, Claude Lemand Gallery

thank you thighmaster - lamsweerde

Thank you Thighmaster, Ines Van Lamsweerde, 1993

Photography and mix technique, Private collection


Come into my world II, Susanne Stemmer, 2013

Photography, Wide Painting

Pigs (Jeff Koons) - Courtesy of the NGC - copie

Self-portrait, Jeff Koons, Photography, Courtesy of the NGC

Reflection - Xooang Choi - copie

Reflection, Xooang Choi, 2012

Sculpture, Albert Benamou Gallery

THINK-DIFFERENT-2012-Giuseppe Veneziano

Think Different, Giuseppe Veneziano, 2012


Skull (ferret), Yan Fabre, 2001,

Synthetic skull, beetle wings, stuffed animal

Do you beleive in God, 2013, The Kid, Galerie ALB - copie

Do you beleive in God?, 2013, The Kid

Silicone and cloth, ALB Gallery