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Artsper ART KIDS Paris: art for little ones!
Get inspired 06 Sep 2019

Artsper ART KIDS Paris: art for little ones!

Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti Cholk Dust
Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti, Cholk Dust, 2015

At Artsper, we advocate access to art for all, including all ages! We think it’s important to introduce it to children: discovering art allows them to open themselves up to the world and better understand it. It fosters their imagination and helps them express their emotions. With ART KIDS Paris, who offer visits and workshops just for kids, we invite you to three worlds that will enchant little ones!

  1. L’Op Art with Victor Vasarely
Victor Vasarely Zebra No. 3
Victor Vasarely, Zebra No. 3 , 1984

Children need to be constantly stimulated in order to develop, and Op art (or Optical art), such as that of Victor Vasarely, seems to be a great way to show children that art can also be fun. Indeed, he plays with shapes, colors and optical illusions… Vasarely’s art is lively and dynamic. It is also evocative of early childhood memories, with geometrical shapes reminiscent of children’s wooden learning toys.

On the 26th October 2019, ART KIDS Paris is running a workshop on Victor Vasarely at the Ibis Styles Paris Eiffel Cambronne Hotel.

2. Street art with Banksy

Banksy, Jake & Jill (Police Kids), 2005

Street art is art accessible to all par excellence; positioned outside the confines of institutions, it reaches everyone. Every day, while walking through a city or even on the way to school, youngsters can be introduced to street art.

Banksy is one of the most well-renowned street artists, especially since the scandal he recently caused during the sale of one of his works at Sotheby’s. Although his trademark stencil is known by all, his true identity is a secret, thus contributing to his legend. Banksy therefore perfectly embodies the spirit of street art; covert but everywhere.

On the 29th September 2019, ART KIDS Paris is offering an introduction to stencil printing at the Hotel Molitor.

3. Abstract art with Sonia Delaunay

Untitled, 1966, Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay is known for her colourful paintings and lithographs with geometrical shapes, much like Victor Vasarely. However, as one of the leading figures in abstract art, she doesn’t stop there. She experiments with all kinds of techniques, on all kinds of mediums. This artist doesn’t settle for materials traditionally used in art; instead, she works with textiles (for clothes or carpets) or more surprisingly, with sand and earth.

Her works are accessible and playful for children, who can discover a different and more entertaining side to art.

A workshop is organised by ART KIDS Paris for the 12th October 2019 at Hotel Le Faubourg.